pronunciation: IPA: /hɛˈləʊ̯/ /həˈləʊ̯/ həˈləʊ /həˈloʊ̯/ /hɛˈloʊ̯/ , SAMPA: /h@"l@U/ /h@"loU/ /hE"loU/                              

Translations into Swedish:

  • hej           
    (Interjection  )
    when answering the telephone
    Hälsning som används av två eller fler personer som känner varandra.
    Expression of greeting used by two or more people who meet each other.
  • god dag   
    (Interjection  )
    when answering the telephone
  • hallå       
  • men hallå   
    (Interjection  )
    sarcastic: that was foolish
    expression of puzzlement
    sarcastic: that was foolish
  • hejsan     
    (Interjection  )
  • hålla     
    (Interjection  )
    is anyone there?
    when answering the telephone
  • tjena   
    (Interjection  )
  • Hej   
  • hälsning     
  • tjänare       

Other meanings:

A greeting used when answering the telephone.
A greeting (salutation) said when meeting someone or acknowledging someone’s arrival or presence.
hello (e.g. on phone)
(colloquial) Used sarcastically to imply that the person addressed or referred to has done something the speaker or writer considers to be foolish.
An expression of puzzlement or discovery.
"Hello!" or an equivalent greeting.
good day (daytime greeting)
A call for response if it is not clear if anyone is present or listening, or if a telephone conversation may have been disconnected.

Similar phrases in dictionary English Swedish. (4)

Hello MuddahBrev från kolonien
Hello SaferideAnnika Norlin
Hello! SandybellSandybell

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Example sentences with "hello", translation memory

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Hello, ChristineHej Christine
Hi, little puppy!Hello, puppyHejsan, vovven!
And, hello, don' t we say hi to Aunt Sylvie?Ska vi inte hälsa på tant Sylvie?
Hello, Charlie.Long time no seeHej, Charlie
Hello Sanna, it' s MalinHejsan, ja, det är Malin här
Say hello to lke and the guysHälsa lke och grabbarna
Hello, this is Charles MatthewsHejsan, du har kommit till Charles Matthews
Hello?I need your help!Hallå, jag behöver din hjälp!
Hello, I' m Mr PalmerJag är Mr Palmer
Hello, Mr. IncredibleHallå, Mr. lncredible.Snygg dräkt
Hello, sweetpeaHejsan, raring
Hello, Mr. Fenoglio?Hallå, Mr Fenoglio?
We' il look at that right...-Hello, Mrs TateHej, mrs Tate
Hello Orion, hello OrionHallå Orion, hallå Orion
Hello, Mr. KinseyGod dag, mr Kinsey
Hello, Mr. SecretaryHerr Försvarsminister
Hello, darlingHej, älskling
Hello, I' m Hannah StormHej, jag är Hanna Storm
Hello, how are you?Hur står det till?
Hope, listen--- Hello!Hope, lyssna--- Hallå!
Hello, beautlful!Hej, snygging
Hello, is this Smith?Är det Smith?
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