pronunciation: IPA: /tɔk/ /tɔːk/ /tɑk/ tɑk tɔk tɔːk , SAMPA: tO:k /tAk/ /tO:k/ tOk /tOk/ tAk          

Translations into Swahili:

  • majadiliano   
  • maneno   

Other meanings:

A conversation.
(transitive, informal) To discuss.
to communicate by speech
to communicate by other means than speech
To communicate by the use of sounds that are interpreted as language; to communicate verbally.
what is being said
A lecture.
(idle) talk
(to) talk
talk (to someone)
An address or form of oral communication in which a speaker makes his thoughts and emotions known before an audience, often for a given purpose.(Source: RHW)
rumour (rumor)
What is being said about a subject of interest.
(intransitive) To communicate, usually by means of speech.

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