pronunciation: IPA: /juˈɹeɪnəs/ ˈjuɹənəs juˈɹeɪnəs jʊˈɹeɪnəs /jʊˈɹeɪnəs/ /ˈjʊɹənəs/ ˈjʊɹənəs /ˈjuɹənəs/  

Translations into Tamil:

  • யுரேனஸ்   
    The seventh planet (counted from the center) of our solar system.

Other meanings:

god of the sky and heavens
(Greek mythology) The god of the sky and heavens, son and husband to Gaia, with whom he fathered the Titans and the Cyclops
Uranus (mythology)
The seventh planet in our solar system, with twenty-seven known moons, discovered in 1781 by Sir William Herschel.

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