pronunciation: IPA: /ɡɹɪl/ ɡɹɪl      

Translations into Tamil:

  • வறு-த்தல்   
    (verb   ) [gram: 11 v. tr;phon: vaṟu-]
    பொரியச் செய்தல்

Other meanings:

rack, grid
(chiefly Scottish, transitive) to terrify, make tremble
cook food
vehicle front cover
A device comprising a source of radiant heat and a means of holding food near it, to cook it; a barbecue; a griddle.
To cook without any added liquid and at high temperature, such as on a electric grill, a barbecue or an oven.
(colloquial) To interrogate; to question aggressively or harshly.
On a vehicle, a slotted cover as above, to protect and hide the radiator, while admitting air to cool it.
(colloquial) A type of jewelry worn on the front teeth; by extension, the front teeth regarded collectively.
harsh, rough, severe; cruel
To cook food on a grill; to barbecue.
(chiefly Scottish, intransitive) to tremble; shiver
(chiefly Scottish, transitive) to make angry, provoke
(Northern England, Scottish, intransitive) to snarl; to snap
A rack; a grid of wire or a sheet of material with a pattern of holes or slots, usually used to protect something while allowing the passage of air and liquids. Typical uses: to allow air through a fan while preventing fingers or objects from passing; to allow people to talk to somebody, while preventing attack.
To cook food, often meat or fish, over glowing charcoal.

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