pronunciation: IPA: ˈlɛtɪs /ˈlɛtɪs/      

Translations into Tamil:

  • இலைக்கோசு   

Other meanings:

(uncountable) The leaves of the lettuce plant, eaten as a vegetable; as a dish often mixed with other ingredients, dressing etc.
(uncountable, US, slang): Folding money, also called cabbage, due to the green color of both US currency and the vegetables.
A green, leafy vegetable (Lactuca sativa) commonly eaten in salads, burgers and tacos.
An edible plant, Lactuca sativa and its close relatives, having a head of green and/or purple leaves.
the leaves of the lettuce plant, eaten as a vegetable or dish
an edible plant, Lactuca

Similar phrases in dictionary English Tamil. (3)

lettuce tree
இலச்சைகெட்டமரம்; சண்டி; நச்சுக்கொட்டை
முறுவற்செடி; இலச்சை; சுண்டி

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