pronunciation: IPA: ˈɛnʤɪnz ˈɛnʤɪn ˈɛn.dʒɪn/ , SAMPA: /"En.dZIn/      

Translations into Telugu:

  • యంత్రము 

Other meanings:

(obsolete) Cunning, trickery.
influential group
A person or group of people which influence a larger group.
(informal) the brain or heart.
(obsolete) The result of cunning; a plot, a scheme.
brain or heart
A powered locomotive used for pulling cars on railways.
A machine in which power is applied to do work by the conversion of various forms of energy into mechanical force and motion.
(computing) A software system, not a complete program, responsible for a technical task (as in layout engine , physics engine ).
(engineering) A device to convert energy into useful mechanical motion, especially heat energy
A processor or portion of a program that determines how the program manages and manipulates data. The term engine is most often used in relation to a specific use.
mechanical device

Similar phrases in dictionary English Telugu. (7)

electrical engineeringఎలక్ట్రికల్ ఇంజనీరింగ్
Gesture Engineసంజ్ఞా యంత్రం
rail engineరైలింజన్
search engineశోధిని యంత్రం
search engine optimizationశోధిని ఆప్టిమైజేషన్

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Example sentences with "engine", translation memory

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Test Data Engineఎక్స్ సోల్డ్జర్Name
Mouse Data Engineఎక్స్ సోల్డ్జర్Comment
Dictionary Data Engineఎక్స్ సోల్డ్జర్Comment
SolidDevice Data Engineఎక్స్ సోల్డ్జర్Comment
Hotplug Event Data Engineఎక్స్ సోల్డ్జర్Name
Powermanagement Data Engineదస్త్ర నిర్వహణName
Places Data Engineఎక్స్ సోల్డ్జర్Comment
Weather Data Engineఎక్స్ సోల్డ్జర్Comment
Task Management Data Engineదస్త్ర నిర్వహణName
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