pronunciation: IPA: əˈgeɪnst /əˈɡɛnst/ /əˈɡeɪnst/ əˈgɛnst , SAMPA: /@"geInst/ /@"gEnst/    

Translations into Tagalog:

  • laban 
    (verb   )
  • nasa 
  • sa 

Other meanings:

in a contrary direction to
In front of; before a background.
As protection from.
in contrast or comparison with
As a charge on
close to
In contrast and/or comparison with
In competition with.
In physical opposition to, or in collision with.
In exchange for
Close to.
in opposition to
In opposition of something.
in competition with
(obsolete) Exposed to
In opposition to.
against (as in: fight against)
in physical contact with
In physical contact with.
in front of; before a background
as protection from
On the opposing side to.
(obsolete) By the time that (something happened); before.
In a contrary direction to.

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to fight againstlaban

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Be on your guard against pickpockets, Ken.Mag-ingat ka sa mga mangdudukot, Ken.
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