pronunciation: IPA: əˈsɪstənt /əˈsɪstənt/    

Translations into Tagalog:

  • katúlong 

Other meanings:

Someone who is subordinate to another.
(UK) sales assistant.
Having a subordinate or auxiliary position.
person who assists
A person who assists or helps someone else.
A tool that is designed to help users with their work.
A software tool that provides assistance in some task.
(obsolete) Someone who is present; a bystander, a witness.
A person or persons who provide assistance with some task.
having a subordinate or auxiliary position

Similar phrases in dictionary English Tagalog. (14)

assisttumulong; tumúlong; tulungan; sumaklolo
assistancetulóng; saklolo; tulong
assisted livingpangkabuhayang pagtulong
assisted living facilitykakayahan ng pangkabuhayang pagtulong
housing assistancepangtulong sa pabahay
indian self-determination and education assistance actpangbatasan ng indyo na may pansariling pagpupunyagi at pangtulong na karunungan
local county assistance officetanggapan ng pagtulong sa pampook na bayan
managed folder mailbox assistantkatulong sa napapangasiwaang folder na mailbox
public assistance paymentsmga kabayarang pangmadlang tulong
Scheduling AssistantKatulong sa Pagtatakda
temporary assistance for needy families (tanf),(previously afdc)pansamantalang tulong para sa mga pamilyang nangangailangan (tanf), (datihang afdc)
to assisttulungan
Windows Assistance OnlineWindows Assitance Online
Windows Live Sign-in AssistantPantulong sa Pag-sign-in ng Windows Live

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