pronunciation: IPA: /bɪl/ bɪl    

Translations into Tagalog:

  • tíket 
  • singil 
    A request for payment for products and/or services sold.
  • kuwenta 
  • panukalang batas 
  • paunawa 
  • tuka 
  • tukâ 
  • utang   

Other meanings:

weapon of infantry
Credit account, e.g., in a shop or bar.
official statement
beaklike projection
A cutting instrument, with hook-shaped point, and fitted with a handle, used in pruning, etc.; a billhook.
A written list or inventory. (Now obsolete except in specific senses or set phrases; bill of lading, bill of goods, etc.)
Any of various bladed or pointed hand weapons, originally designating an Anglo-Saxon sword, and later a weapon of infantry, especially in the 14th and 15th centuries. A common form of bill consisted of a broad, heavy, double-edged, hook-shaped blade, having a short pike at the back and another at the top, and attached to the end of a long staff.
law: declaration made in writing, stating some wrong the complainant has suffered from the defendant
(transitive) To dig, chop, etc., with a bill.
bird's beak
(transitive) To advertise by a bill or public notice.
(legislative) bill
A beak-like projection, especially a promontory.
A writing binding the signer or signers to pay a certain sum at a future day or on demand, with or without interest, as may be stated in the document. A bill of exchange. In the United States, it is usually called a note, a note of hand, or a promissory note.
Somebody armed with a bill; a bill-man.
to advertise by a bill
External anatomical structure of birds which is used for taking food and for eating.
A paper, written or printed, and posted up or given away, to advertise something, as a lecture, a play, or the sale of goods; a placard; a poster; a handbill.
A draft of a law, presented to a legislature for enactment; a proposed or projected law.
(obsolete) To peck.
somebody armed with a bill
To demand payment.
to work with a bill
note (currency)
bill (law)
bill of exchange
(obsolete, law) A declaration made in writing, stating some wrong the complainant has suffered from the defendant, or a fault committed by some person against a law.
(US) A piece of paper money; a banknote.
to charge or enter in a bill
The beak of a bird, especially when small or flattish; sometimes also used with reference to a turtle, platypus, or other animal.
A commercial document issued by a seller to the buyer, indicating products or services already provided to the buyer as well as the corresponding price that the buyer has to pay.
extremity of the arm of an anchor
to stroke bill against bill
Proposed law presented to the parliament for approval.
written inventory
Sum owed in a restaurant, or the relative bill.
piece of paper money
To stroke bill against bill, with reference to doves; to caress in fondness.
A document, originally sealed; a formal statement or official memorandum. (Now obsolete except with certain qualifying words; bill of health, bill of sale etc.)
A written note of goods sold, services rendered, or work done, with the price or charge; an invoice.
cutting instrument
(transitive) To charge; to send a bill to.
(nautical) The extremity of the arm of an anchor; the point of or beyond the fluke.
draft of a law

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Bill Elliott
Bill Elliott
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Bill Gates
billing statement
pahayag ng pagkakautang
doctor’s and other medical bills
manggagamot at iba pang pagga-gamutang pagka-kautang

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en Your bill in globe plan is prorated as per company rules.
tl Prorated po kasi ang billing natin.
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