pronunciation: IPA: dɪˈpɛndənt /dɪˈpɛndənt/        

Translations into Tagalog:

  • mga di sariling aligin 
    A cell that contains a formula that refers to another cell. For example, if cell D10 contains the formula =B5, cell D10 is a dependent of cell B5.
  • sustentado, pakainin 

Other meanings:

Relying upon; depending upon
(grammar) An element in phrase or clause structure that is not the head. Includes complements modifiers and determiners.
(of Scottish Gaelic verb forms) Used in questions, negative sentences and after certain particles and prepositions.
Relying upon; depending upon.
(Greek grammar) the aorist subjunctive form of a verb; or non-past, perfective form of a verb
(US) One who relies on another for support
belonging (to)
(a young adult still) living at home
one who relies on another for support
(in medicine:) affecting the lower part of the body, such as the legs while standing up, or the back while supine
(of certain Irish irregular verbs): standing only after a preverbal particle

Similar phrases in dictionary English Tagalog. (4)

dependency and supportnagpapasustento at pagtataguyod
legal dependencyumaasa sa batas

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Whether he will succeed or not depends upon his health.Kung matatagumpay siya o hindi ay depende sa kanyang kalusugan.
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