pronunciation: IPA: ɪmˈplɔɪmənt        

Translations into Tagalog:

  • gawain 
  • hanapbuhay 
  • puwesto 
  • trabaho 
  • tungkulin 

Other meanings:

the work or occupation for which one is paid
An activity to which one devotes time
use, purpose
employment (long term)
A use, purpose
The work or occupation for which one is used, and often paid
The act of employing
the number or percentage of people at work
Productive activity, service, trade, or craft for which one is regularly paid.
(economics) The number or percentage of people at work
The work or occupation in which a person is employed.
The state of being employed
Act through which a subordinated work contract starts.

Similar phrases in dictionary English Tagalog. (16)

maypagawa; amo; puno
employer’s quarterly tax return
sangkapat ng may pagawaang balik buwis
employment relationship
pang-gawaing ugnayan
employment support
pang-gawaing pagtataguyod
equal opportunity employer
pantay na pagkakataon ng may pagawaan
family employment
pang-pamilyang gawain
national disability employment awareness month
buwan ng pambansang kapansanang pagkakabatid na gawain
net earnings from self-employment
kinitang mga tubo na galing sa pansariling gawain
net income from self-employment
kinitang tubo galing sa pansariling gawain
railroad employment
gawain sa daang-bakal
salaried employment
bayarang manggagawa
pansariling kalakalan
self-employment earnings
mga kita sa pansariling kalakalan
self-employment income
kinita sa pansariling kalakalan
self-employment tax return
pansariling kalakalang balik buwis
wages and self-employment income
mga kinita sa sahod at pagta-trabaho sa sarili

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Example sentences with "employment", translation memory

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en He came to Tokyo in search of employment.
tl Siya ay nagpunta sa Tokyo para maghanap ng trabaho.
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