pronunciation: IPA: /ˈɡuːɡəl/ ˈɡuːɡəl , SAMPA: "gu:g@l /"gu:g@l/

Translations into Tagalog:

  • i-google 
    (Verb  )
    to search for on the Internet
    to search for on the Internet

Other meanings:

(intransitive, cricket) To move as a ball in a googly.
An internet search, such as that which is performed on the Google search engine.
(transitive) To search for (something) on the Internet using the Google search engine.
a search using any comprehensive search engine
(intransitive, Internet) To be locatable in a search of the Internet.
a search using Google
To search the Internet using Google.
(transitive, by extension) To search for (something) on the Internet using any comprehensive search engine.
(Internet) A match obtained by a query in the Google search engine.
(intransitive, cricket) To deliver googlies.

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google chrome isn't your default browsergoogle chrome isn't your default browser
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