pronunciation: IPA: les /lɛs/ , SAMPA: /lEs/        

Translations into Tagalog:

  • binawasan 
  • kaunti 
  • kulang 

Other meanings:

To smaller extent
smaller number of
comparative form of "little" for numbers
(now archaic except with numbers) comparative form of little: more little Smaller. [from 11th c.]
(proscribed) A smaller number of; fewer. [from 9th c.]
A smaller amount (of); not as much. [from 14th c.]
To a smaller extent.
not as much
In lower degree
minus; not including
(from) below

Similar phrases in dictionary English Tagalog. (4)

-lesswalang; pugot ang
A Life Less PlaguedA Life Less Plagued
less than or equal to signsimbolo ng mas mababa o katumbas
less than signsagisag na mas maliit sa

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Example sentences with "less", translation memory

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Less words, more action.Bawasan ang salita; paramihan ang kilos.
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