pronunciation: IPA: /ɹaɪt/ , SAMPA: /r\aIt/            

Translations into Tagalog:

  • kanan 
    (Adjective  )
    of direction
    of direction
  • karapatan 
    (Noun  )
    something one is legally entitled to
    legal or moral entitlement
  • angkop 
  • dapat 
  • deretso 
  • husto 
  • katarungan 
  • mabuti 
  • magaling 
  • marapat 
  • oo 
  • tama 
  • tamà 
  • tamá 
  • totoo 
  • totoó 
  • tumpak 
  • wasto 
  • wastô 

Other meanings:

A legal or moral entitlement.
due (east)
A power or liberty to which one is justly entitled.
Yes. Correct. I agree.
Appropriate, perfectly suitable; fit for purpose.
To correct
Exactly, precisely.
on the right side
Signpost word used to change the subject in a discussion or discourse.
(Politics) Pertaining to the political right; conservative.
right (to do something)
right (near)
(archaic, sometimes used in titles) To a great extent or degree.
Towards the right side.
Pertaining to the political right; conservative.
(Politics) The ensemble of right-wing political parties; political conservatives as a group.
According to fact or truth; actually; truly; really
Something that is on the right side relative to another object.
To set upright
The right-wing politicians and parties
Of an angle, having a size of 90 degrees, or one quarter of a complete rotation; the angle between two perpendicular lines.
(archaic) Straight, not bent.
That which complies with justice, law or reason.
right (not left)
The right side or direction.
towards the right side
right (side)
Yes. I agree with whatever you say. I have no opinion.
Healthy, sane, competent.
right, not left, side
(Australian) All right; not requiring assistance
(intransitive) To return to normal upright position.
Designating the side of the body which is positioned to the east if one is facing north. This arrow points to the right: →
On the right side.
That are in accordance with fact.
(UK, US, Southern) Very, extremely, quite.
correct interpretation (answer, solution)
Complying with justice, correctness or reason; correct, just, true.
One direction or side, as opposed to left. When a person hold his hands out, palms facing away from him, the shape between the first finger and thumb that it not an "L" is this direction.

Similar phrases in dictionary English Tagalog. (26)

all rightayos; sige na nga; mabuti; ayos!; okey!; sige na nga!; sige; okey
appeal rightsmga karapatang umapela
Be Right BackBabalik Agad
extensible rights markup languagemga malawakang karapatang sa markup language
human rightskarapatang pantao; karapatang patao
Human Rights and Democracy MovementHRDM
Human Rights Protection PartyHRPP
left-to-rightsa kaliwa't pakanan
right alignihanay sa kanan
right angletama; wastô; tamá
right angle bracketpanaklaw ng kanang anggulo
right arrowpakanang arrow
right awayagad
right bracekanang panaklang
right bracketkanang panaklong
right handtamá; tama; wastô
right mouse buttonkanang button ng mouse
right to a hearingkarapatan sa pagdinig
right-alignednaihanay sa kanan
right-handkanan; tama
right-to-leftsa kanan pakaliwa
rightfultama; tumpak; tunay
rightnesskatarungan; katwiran
rightsmga karapatan
user rightsmga karapatan ng gumagamit
waiver of right to appearhindi tinalikurang nawawastong pagpapakita

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Example sentences with "right", translation memory

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You must always do what is right.Dapat palaging gawin ang tama.
I think I'm right.Isip ko'y tama ka.
He is quite right.Talagang tama siya.
Oh my, you're right, I didn't know that at all.Ay naku, tama ka; talagang hindi ko naalaman iyon.
Maybe you're right.Baka tama ka.
Turn right at the next corner.Kumanan sa susunod na interseksiyon.
Everything is all right at home.Okey naman sa bahay.
She thinks that she's always right.Isip niya'y parati siyang tama.
She is in the Kitchen right now.Nasa kusina siya ngayon.
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