pronunciation: IPA: /ˈɹuː.mɚ/ /ˈɹuː.mə/ ˈɹuː.mɚ ˈɹuː.mə , SAMPA: /"r\u:m@`/ "r\u:m@ /"r\u:m@/ "r\u:m@`  

Translations into Tagalog:

  • balita 
  • tsismis 

Other meanings:

countable: piece of information
(uncountable) Information or misinformation of the kind contained in such claims.
(false) rumor (rumour)
uncountable: information
(transitive, usually used in the passive voice) To tell a rumor about; to gossip.
(countable) A statement or claim of questionable accuracy, from no known reliable source, usually spread by word of mouth.
(oral) message

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Example sentences with "rumor", translation memory

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Strange rumors are going around.May umiikot na katwang tsismis.
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