pronunciation: IPA: /θɪŋ/ θɪŋ , SAMPA: /TIN/ TIN  

Translations into Tagalog:

  • bagay 
  • bágay 

Other meanings:

(in certain fixed expressions) A problem, dilemma, or complicating factor.
thing (object, fact, abstraction)
An object or abstraction that is referred to but not precisely named.
A word, symbol, sign or other referent that can be used to refer to any entity.
any physical or psychical entity
(in the plural) clothes, possessions or equipment.
the latest fad or fashion.
Whatever can be owned.
(law) whatever can be owned.
That which is considered to exist as a separate entity, quality or concept.
That which matters; the crux.
an abstract thought or idea, often after an adjective
That which is considered to exist as a separate entity, object, quality or concept.
The sexual organs: the testicles and penis of a male; or the labia, clitoris, and vagina of a female.
Used after a noun to refer dismissively to the situation surrounding the noun's referent.
An individual object or distinct entity.
(slang) A penis.
a legislative or judicial assembly
A living being or creature.
(informal) A unit or container, usually containing edible goods.
All coverings designed to be worn on a person's body.
a separate entity or concept
In Scandinavian countries, a legislative or judicial assembly.

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Example sentences with "thing", translation memory

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I have a lot of things to do.Marami akong dapat gawin.
You always take things too seriously.Parati kang masyadong seryoso sa mga bagay.
The thing you have done is humanitarian.Ang bagay na iyong ginawa ay makatao.
That'd be the last thing I want to do.Iyon ang huling bagay na gusto kong gawin.
Don't talk about such a thing.Huwag mong pag-usapan ang ganyang bagay.
If the sun were to go out, all living things would die.Kung mamatay man ang araw, lahat ng buhay ay mamatay.
To say is one thing, and to do quite another.Ang sinasabi't ang ginagawa'y magkaiba.
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