pronunciation: IPA: /taɪ/ taɪ    

Translations into Tagalog:

  • buhol 
  • gapos 
  • ibuhol 
  • itali 
  • kurbata 
  • magbuhol 
  • tali 
    (verb   ) [gram: root]

Other meanings:

(transitive) To attach or fasten (one thing to another) by string or the like.
tie (metaphorical, e.g. something that binds two people together)
(surveying) A bearing and distance between a lot corner or point and a benchmark or iron off site.
A strong connection between people or groups of people, a bond.
tie (shoelace)
(sports, UK) A meeting between two players or teams in a competition.
transfer (phone call)
A necktie (item of clothing consisting of a strip of cloth tied around the neck). See also bow tie, black tie.
(music) A curved line connecting two notes of the same pitch denoting that they should be played as a single note with the combined length of both notes.
To establish connection between two or more things.
(transitive) To secure (something) by string or the like.
(to) tie (shoelace)
railroad tie
(transitive) To twist (a string, rope, or the like) around itself securely.
To connect one or more pieces of flexible material to each other using only those materials.
(rail transport, US) A horizontal wooden or concrete structural member that supports and ties together railway lines.
The result of a game in which neither side has won.
(transitive) To form (a knot or the like) in a string or the like.
curved line connecting two notes of the same pitch, combining their lengths
A long, thin piece of material that is tied around a person's neck (underneath their collar) to make them look smarter, politer or more successful.
(intransitive) To have the same score or position as another in a competition or ordering.
(transitive) To have the same score or position as (another) in a competition or ordering.
A piece of wire embedded in paper, strip of plastic with ratchets, or similar object which is wound around something and tightened.
(statistics) One or more equal values or sets of equal values in the data set.
(cricket) The situation at the end of all innings of a match where both sides have the same total of runs (different to a draw).
The situation in which one or more participants in a competition are placed equally.
to confine by any ligature.
to attach or fasten with string
tie score

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bow tiebuklod-kurbata; mariposa
to tietali

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