pronunciation: IPA: tʌf /tʌf/    

Translations into Tagalog:

  • malakás 
  • hírap 
  • mahírap 
  • masípag 
  • matigas 
  • matigás 

Other meanings:

difficult to chew
(of food) difficult to cut or chew
(of questions etc) difficult or demanding
(material science) Undergoing plastic deformation before breaking.
hard (life)
tough (on someone)
(vegetables) tough
harsh or severe
(of weather etc) harsh or severe
rowdy or rough.
strong and resilient; sturdy
(meat) tough
(slang) Used to indicate lack of sympathy
To endure.
rugged or physically hardy
A person who obtains things by force; a thug or bully.
To toughen.

Similar phrases in dictionary English Tagalog. (1)

lakás; katigasan

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