Translations into Tagalog:

  • i-off 
    To make a device, component, or feature nonfunctional. For example, if you disable a device in a hardware configuration, you cannot use the device when your computer uses that hardware configuration. Disabling a device frees the resources that were allocated to the device.
  • isara 
  • magsara 
  • patayin 

Other meanings:

stop (something or someone)
(transitive) To power down; to stop a device by switching it off.
leave a road
To interrupt the operation of a machine by disconnecting it from its source of power.
switch off appliance or light
(intransitive) To leave a road; to exit.
(transitive) To repulse, disgust, or discourage.

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Example sentences with "turn off", translation memory

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en In autumn the leaves turn yellow.
tl Sa taglagas, naninilaw ang mga dahon.
en Turn right at the next corner.
tl Kumanan sa susunod na interseksiyon.
en Turn up the radio a little bit.
tl Laksan nang konti ang radyo.
en lay-off
tl lay-off
en Start reading where you left off.
tl Magbasa ka kung saan ka tumigil.
en The picnic was put off on account of rain.
tl Kinaltas ang piknik dahil sa ulan.
en We cut off the rope.
tl Pinutol namin ang lubid.
en The meeting was going off without a hitch until he threw a wet blanket on it by making silly remarks.
tl Ang pagtatagpo'y nangyari nang walang problema hanggang sinira niya ang kasiyahan dahil ng kanyang sinabing walang muwang.
en He was struck off the list.
tl Inalis siya sa listahan.
en He cut off two meters of the rope.
tl Pinutol niya nang dalawang metro ang pantali.
en Where are you off to?
tl Saan ka pupunta?
en Everyone paired off and began dancing.
tl Nagparis ang lahat at nagsimulang magsayaw.
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