pronunciation: IPA: /waɪn/ waɪn , SAMPA: /waIn/ waIn        

Translations into Tagalog:

  • alak 
    alcoholic beverage made from grapes
  • bino 
    alcoholic beverage made from grapes
  • álak 

Other meanings:

(countable) A serving of wine
(transitive) To entertain with wine.
serving of wine
drink wine
(uncountable) A dark purplish red colour; the colour of red wine.
An alcoholic beverage made by fermenting juice of fruits or vegetables other than grapes, usually preceded by the type of the fruit or vegetable; for example, "dandelion wine".
entertain with wine
An alcoholic beverage made by fermenting juice of grapes.
wine colour:
(Should we delete <sup>(+)</sup> this sense?) (computing) A compatibility layer that allows programs made for Microsoft Windows® to run under UNIX and Linux.
wine colour
(nonstandard, UK) wind
(grape) wine
(intransitive) To drink wine.
alcoholic beverage made from other fruit or vegetables

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Example sentences with "wine", translation memory

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en It's an excellent wine.
tl Magaling na alak ito.
en Red wine, please.
tl Pulang alak, nga.
en Would you care for a little wine?
tl Gusto mo ba ng konting alak?
en What kind of wine do you have?
tl Anong klaseng alak kayo meron?
en Do you prefer red or white wine?
tl Mas gusto mo ba ang alak na pula, o puti?
en One more bottle of wine, please.
tl Isa pang boteng alak, nga.
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