pronunciation: IPA: drʌŋk /drʌŋk/ , SAMPA: /drVNk/ drVNk    

Translations into Yiddish:

  • שיכּור 
    (Adjective  m)
    intoxicated after drinking too much alcohol
    intoxicated after drinking too much alcohol

Other meanings:

Past participle of drink
(be) drunken
A habitual drinker, especially one who is frequently intoxicated.
In a state of intoxication caused by the consumption of excessive alcohol, usually by drinking alcoholic beverages.
A drinking-bout; a period of drunkenness.
Being in a temporary state in which one's physical and mental faculties are impaired due to excessive consumption of alcohol.
(usually followed by with or on) Elated or emboldened.
elated by emotion
(Southern US) Simple past of drink.
A person who is addicted to drinking alcohol excessively.
A drunken state.
a drinking-bout; a period of drunkenness

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