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  • 杀虫   
  • 杀虫剂   
  • 杀虫药   
  • 殺蟲   
  • 殺蟲劑   
  • 殺蟲藥   

Other meanings:

A substance used to kill insects
Any chemical agent used to destroy invertebrate pests.

Similar phrases in dictionary English Chinese. (11)

bacterial insecticides细菌杀虫剂
botanical insecticides植物杀虫剂
Decis (insecticide brand)敵殺死; 敌杀死
derris (insecticide)鱼藤杀虫剂
insecticide crops除虫作物
insecticide selectivity选择性杀虫剂
microbial insecticides微生物杀虫剂
pyrethrum (insecticide)除虫菊杀虫剂
resistance to insecticides杀虫剂抗性
vegetable insecticides蔬菜杀虫剂

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It is most encouraging that some interventions, such as long-lasting insecticidal nets, have begun to yield progress in recent years最令人鼓舞的是,一些诸如驱蚊帐之类的干预措施近年来已经开始带来进展。
It is therefore not uncommon for them to become resistant to insecticides因此,蚊虫普遍地具有了抗药性。
Calls upon the international community to support ways to expand access to and the affordability of key products, such as vector control measures, including indoor residual spraying, long-lasting insecticide-treated nets and artemisinin-based combination therapy for populations at risk of exposure to resistant strains of falciparum malaria in malaria-endemic countries, particularly in Africa, including through additional funds and innovative mechanisms, inter alia, for the financing and scaling up of artemisinin production and procurement, as appropriate, to meet the increased need吁请国际社会支持通过各种途径,让疟疾流行国家,特别是非洲国家中有可能接触恶性疟原虫性疟疾抗药性菌株的人有更多的机会,以负担得起的价格购买各种关键性产品,例如病媒控制措施,包括室内滞留喷剂、长效驱蚊帐和青蒿素类复方药物,包括增加资金和采用新的机制,尤其是酌情为青蒿素的生产和采购提供经费并扩大其规模,以满足更大的需求
Lindane being the only isomer in the mixture that has insecticidal properties, there is very limited to no commercial value for the other isomers obtained林丹在这种混合物中是唯一具有杀虫剂特性的异构物,产生的其他异构体的商业价值非常有限,甚至根本没有价值。
Verification of the continued efficacy and cost effectiveness of alternative insecticides to DDT and other control measures at the national level (see decision核查滴滴涕的替代杀虫剂和其他控制措施在国家层面上的持续效应和成本利益(见第 ‧ 号决定
There are indications from the limited available data, that insecticide resistance management strategies may not always be able to prevent insecticide resistance, e.g. through the use of rotations, mosaics or mixtures of the chemicals available有限的现有数据表明,杀虫剂抗药性管理战略可能并非总是能够通过诸如交替、结合或混合使用现有化学品等方法防止杀虫剂抗药性的产生。
Insecticide-treated nets, indoor residual household spraying, and intermittent preventive treatment during pregnancy were identified as neglected low-cost opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa in the ‧ report of the Disease Control Priorities Project在关于疾病防治优先次序项目的 ‧ 年报告中,驱蚊帐、家庭室内滞留喷洒以及怀孕期间间歇性预防治疗被确定为撒哈拉以南非洲被忽视的低成本机会。
The lack of access to the United States market also means that high-quality technological products, such as herbicides, low-toxicity insecticides and other highly effective pesticides cannot be acquired at a competitive cost, and in many cases equipment, parts and disease diagnostic kits are only produced by United States firms不能进入美国市场的又一个意义是,不能以竞争性的价格购买高品质的技术产品如草剂、低毒杀虫剂、以及其他高效的农药,而且,有许多设备、部件、和疾病诊断包,往往只有美国公司生产。
The United Nations Foundation and UNFIP have worked in conjunction with the Measles Initiative to distribute more than ‧ insecticide-treated antimalarial bed nets in Africa through the end of联合国基金会和联合国国际伙伴关系基金与麻疹倡议一起,在非洲分发 ‧ 万多顶抗疟驱蚊帐,一直到 ‧ 年末。
Evaluation of the comparative efficacy and environmental and human health safety of alternative insecticides to DDT and other control measures and strategies (see decision评估滴滴涕的替代杀虫剂和其他控制措施及战略的相对效应和环境与人类健康安全程度(见第 ‧ 号决定
The study also states that one of the major difficulties confronting researchers is fighting the great ability of mosquitoes- vectors of the parasite- to adapt to treatments and that the parasites deposited by mosquitoes into the human organism are resistant to medicines, whereas mosquitoes themselves develop resistance to insecticides这项研究还指出,研究人员遇到的主要困难之一是寄生虫媒介--蚊虫适应药物能力极强,由蚊虫传入人体的寄生虫有抗药性,蚊虫本身也会发展抵抗杀虫剂的能力。
Major potential threats to malaria control and elimination are parasite resistance to medicines (artemisinin-based combination therapies) and mosquito resistance to pyrethroid insecticides (the only insecticide currently being used on insecticide-treated and long-lasting insecticidal nets对防治疟疾和消除疟疾构成重大潜在威胁的,是寄生虫对药物(青蒿素类复方疗法)的抗药性以及蚊子对除虫菊酯杀虫剂(目前唯一用于驱蚊帐/长效驱蚊帐的杀虫剂)的抗药性。
In the European Union, Lindane can still be used as public health and veterinary topical insecticide until the end of ‧ (Annex F information provided by Germany在欧盟,在 ‧ 年年底之前,林丹仍可用于公共卫生和兽医外用杀虫剂(德国提供的附件F资料 ‧ 年)。
This potential has been confirmed by monitoring data; there is a significant amount of information as endosulfan has been measured in combination with other organochlorine insecticides这种潜力已经由监测数据得到证明;由于硫丹和其它有机氯杀虫剂一起得到测量,因此有大量的资料。
Programmes to increase insecticide-treated net coverage may also include control activities for other diseases, e.g. the elimination of lymphatic filariasis, deworming and distribution of micronutrients提高驱蚊帐覆盖率的方案还可包含其他疾病的防治工作,例如消除淋巴丝虫病、除寄生虫和发放微营养素补充剂。
Some key commodities such as artemisinin-based combination therapies and insecticide-treated nets are not yet produced in large enough quantities because manufacturers lack confidence in the market一些关键商品,例如青蒿素混合疗法和驱蚊帐;因为制造商对市场缺乏信心,生产数量还不够大。
The first half of the timetable for attaining the Millennium Development Goals recorded concrete gains in such areas as primary school enrolment, measles vaccination, the use of insecticide-treated bednets, as well as reductions in HIV infection rates in some countries在千年发展目标时间表的前半期,非洲在小学入学率、麻疹疫苗接种、经杀虫剂处理的蚊帐的使用方面取得了具体成效,一些国家的艾滋病毒感染率下降。
The campaign to eradicate polio has had considerable success, and measures to distribute insecticide-treated mosquito netting to reduce malaria deaths have been encouraging根除小儿麻痹症的运动取得巨大成功,发放经杀虫药剂处理的蚊帐以减少疟疾死亡的措施令人鼓舞。
For such a combination, the choice of insecticide is a critical issue对于这样一种组合,杀虫剂的选择是一个关键问题。
b Data for a subset or ‧ countries in sub-Saharan Africa with trend data showed that the use of insecticide-treated bednets among children increased from ‧ per cent in ‧ to ‧ per cent inb 撒哈拉以南非洲部分国家( ‧ 个)的趋势数据显示,经过杀虫药处理的蚊帐的儿童从 ‧ 年的 ‧ %增至 ‧ 年的 ‧ %。
The Measles Initiative in Africa targeted Chad, Equatorial Guinea and Togo in ‧ to demonstrate the practicality of providing insecticide treated bednets in conjunction with national campaigns非洲控制麻疹举措在 ‧ 年以乍得、赤道几内亚和多哥为目标,证明了在开展国家行动的同时提供驱蚊帐是切实可行的。
In the United States alpha- and beta-HCH are not registered for use as a pesticide under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act在美国,根据《联邦杀虫剂真菌剂河灭鼠剂法案》的规定,甲型六氯环己烷和乙型六氯环己烷为非注册杀虫剂
It appears that thousands of lives can be saved, particularly children, simply through the effective use of insecticide-treated bed nets看来光是通过有效使用驱蚊帐就可以挽救成千上万人的生命,尤其是儿童的生命。
It is estimated that around ‧ million long-lasting insecticidal nets are needed to achieve universal coverage of only pregnant women and children under five years of age at risk of malaria in Africa据估计,仅对非洲有感染疟疾危险的孕妇和 ‧ 岁以下儿童达到普遍覆盖,就需要大约 ‧ 亿顶长效驱蚊帐。
The fight against malaria has been made more difficult by the emergence of strains with resistance towards available effective and affordable anti-malarial medicines and insecticides由于出现了对现有的物美价廉的抗疟药物和杀虫剂的抵抗力,消除疟疾的斗争越发困难。
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