Translations into Chinese:

  • 杀有害生物剂   
  • 杀虫   
  • 杀虫剂   
  • 杀虫药   
  • 殺蟲   
  • 殺蟲劑   
  • 殺蟲藥   

Other meanings:

A substance used to kill insects
Any chemical agent used to destroy invertebrate pests.

Similar phrases in dictionary English Chinese. (16)

bacterial insecticides
botanical insecticides
Decis (insecticide brand)
敵殺死; 敌杀死
derris (insecticide)
insecticide crops
insecticide fogger
insecticide selectivity
insecticide-treated mosquito net
浸渍蚊帐; 杀虫剂浸渍蚊帐
insecticide-treated net
驱虫蚊帐; 浸渍蚊帐; 杀虫剂浸渍蚊帐
microbial insecticides
pyrethrum (insecticide)
residual insecticide
vegetable insecticides

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en a) Prevention: children under ‧ who sleep under insecticide-treated bed nets
zh a) 预防 ‧ 岁以下儿童睡在经过杀虫药处理的蚊帐内者
en Encourages the producers of long-lasting insecticide-treated nets to accelerate technology transfer to developing countries, and the World Bank and regional development funds to consider supporting malaria-endemic countries to establish factories to scale up production of long-lasting insecticide-treated nets
zh 鼓励生产长效驱蚊帐的厂家加快向发展中国家转让技术,鼓励世界银行和区域开发银行考虑支助疟疾流行国家建立工厂,扩大长效驱蚊帐的生产
en Analogous to the “herd immunity” benefit of vaccines, long-lasting insecticidal nets have two kinds of protective effect: one for the people directly under the nets, and one for the community at large
zh 和疫苗“群体免疫”的好处相似,长效驱蚊帐有两种保护效果:一是对直接睡在蚊帐内的人,二是对整个社区。
en Examples of policy choices likely to support progress towards health and nutrition Goals include the adoption of the International Code on the Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes, support for trained community-level workers to treat pneumonia using first-line antibiotics, or exempting insecticide-treated materials for the prevention of malaria from import taxes
zh 可能有助于朝向实现健康和营养的千年目标取得进展的政策选择的例子包括通过《母乳代用品国际销售守则》、支持受过培训的社区工人使用一线抗生素治疗肺炎,或免除为预防疟疾而用杀虫剂处理过的材料的进口关税。
en It is stable in alkalis and acids, but it rearranges to less insecticidally active substances in the presence of strong acids, on exposure to sunlight or on heating above ‧ °C ( ‧ no date
zh 在碱和酸液中状态稳定,但在遇到强酸、曝露在阳光下、或温度超过 ‧ °C时会减弱它的物质活性,从而降低杀虫效果(美国毒物和疾病登记署 ‧ 年;国际化学品安全方案/国际化学品安全方案化学品信息,无日期;世卫组织-粮农组织 ‧ 年)。
en First, the persistence of the “active” molecules, with insecticidal activity: the isomers α- endosulfan and β-endosulfan, and the main metabolite endosulfan sulfate
zh 首先,具有杀虫活性的“活性”分子的持久性:异构体α硫丹和β硫丹,以及主要代谢物硫丹硫酸盐。
en Basic monitoring of the durability of the nets and the longevity of the insecticide should be made a routine part of country insecticide-treated nets programmes
zh 应当对驱蚊帐的耐用性和杀虫剂的寿命进行基本监测,使其成为国家驱蚊帐方案的一个经常性组成部分。
en a) Percentage sleeping under insecticide-treated bednets
zh a) 可在经过杀虫药处理的蚊帐内睡觉的儿童百分比
en Even more promising, the long-lasting insecticide nets are made from polymers derived from petroleum
zh 给人们带来更具大希望的是,长效驱蚊帐所用的材料是石油衍生的聚合物材料。
en a) Use, with support from WHO, the country database to systematically collect and analyse existing information on their malaria situation, including epidemiology, national policies and programme performance, coverage of interventions, financing and drug and insecticide resistance status
zh a) 在世卫组织支助下,利用国家数据库系统地收集并分析其疟疾情况现有信息,包括流行病学情况、国家政策和方案执行情况、干预措施覆盖率、资金筹措和耐药及耐杀虫剂情况
en The Conference also urged the strengthening of the capacity of countries to effectively implement and evaluate the impact of the use of DDT and its alternatives, and requested the financial mechanism of the Convention to support efforts to develop and deploy cost-effective alternatives to DDT (such as insecticides for indoor residual spraying, long-lasting insecticide-treated materials and non-chemical alternatives), inviting the support of other international financial institutions
zh 会议还敦促加强各国的能力,以切实评估使用DDT及其替代物的影响,还请该公约的财务机制,支持努力研制和使用具有成本效益的DDT替代物(例如室内滞留长效喷、长效驱材料和非化学品替代物),并请其他国际金融机构给予支持。
en DDT is among the ‧ insecticides currently recommended by WHO for IRS in malaria and also for leishmaniasis control
zh 滴滴涕是世卫组织为控制疟疾和利什曼病而建议在IRS中使用的 ‧ 种杀虫剂之一。
en This technology prevents the handling of insecticides at the peripheral (end-use) level by non-specialist. It reduces, by at least ‧ times, the amount of insecticide needed to treat nets, as well as the amount released in the environment during washing
zh 这项技术可防止由非专家在外围(最终使用)一级处理杀虫剂,并至少可将处理蚊帐所需的杀虫剂剂量以及清洗蚊帐期间排放到环境中的杀虫剂剂量减少五倍。
en For preventing malaria, insecticide-treated mosquito nets have proved effective, and their distribution has increased tenfold since ‧ (see figure X
zh 为预防疟疾,驱蚊帐证明是有效的,自 ‧ 年以来,其分发量增加了 ‧ 倍(见图十)。
en Thallium sulphide is used as rat poison and thallium sulphate is used as insecticide and pesticide
zh 硫化铊可用作鼠药,而硫酸铊则被用做杀虫剂和农药。
en It is also the cheapest insecticide per square metre sprayed, but because of its weight and bulk, it may be more expensive than some of the alternatives when transport is costly
zh 按每平方米喷洒量计算,DDT也是最便宜的杀虫剂,但由于其重量和体积,如果运费昂贵的话,可能比一些替代品要贵些。
en Community-based integrated health programmes have helped to drive progress- programmes that provide immunizations, vitamin-A supplementation, insecticide-treated mosquito nets and other key health and nutrition interventions
zh 以社区为基础的综合卫生保健方案帮助推动了进展。 这些方案的目的是提供免疫接种、补充维生素A和驱蚊帐,以及进行其他重要的卫生保健和营养干预。
en Toxaphene (CAS no ‧ ) is an insecticide containing over ‧ polychlorinated bicyclic terpenes consisting predominantly of chlorinated camphenes
zh 毒杀芬(化学文摘社编号 ‧ )是一种杀虫剂,包含 ‧ 多种多氯二环萜,主要由氯化莰烯构成。
en A number of malaria prevention efforts have also been implemented, including the use of insecticide-treated nets, DDT residual spraying, thermal fogging and antilarval measures
zh 泰国还一直开展一些防治疟疾的工作,包括使用经杀虫剂处理过的网、喷洒滴滴涕残留、加热喷雾和采用灭幼虫措施。
en In the fight against malaria, Malawi has so far distributed about ‧ million insecticide-treated mosquito nets to various households
zh 在防治疟疾的斗争中,到目前为止,马拉维已经向全国家庭发放了约 ‧ 万个驱蚊帐。
en Use of treated nets by children and pregnant women is lagging possession of treated nets in households: that is, some households have insecticide-treated nets but they are not being used by children and pregnant women (those most at risk
zh 儿童和孕妇使用驱蚊帐的比例比住户拥有驱蚊帐的比例要小,也就是说,一些住户有驱蚊帐,但用的不是儿童和孕妇(风险最高群体)。
en e) The international community to fight the counterfeit drug trade in developing countries and to reach a consensus on appropriate levels and sources of subsidies for key commodities, namely long-lasting insecticide-treated nets and ACTs, to enable expanded access to good quality drugs and preventive measures for populations at risk of malaria
zh e) 国际社会打击发展中国家的假药交易,就关键商品的适当补贴数量和来源达成一致意见,即长效驱蚊帐和青蒿素综合疗法药物,促进有感染疟疾危险的人群能够更多地利用优质药物和预防措施
en The Roll Back Malaria campaign, which was launched in ‧ has led to the preparation of plans of action in ‧ countries, which include developing malaria control policies and indicators for monitoring and evaluation, upgrading intervention capacities at the regional level and using insecticide-impregnated mosquito nets
zh 年开展的击退疟疾运动已促使 ‧ 个国家编制了行动计划,其中包括制订了防治疟疾的政策、监测和评价指数、提高了区域一级干预的能力以及使用浸泡过杀虫剂的蚊帐。
en Insecticide-treated nets will be distributed to pregnant women during the upcoming maternal and neonatal tetanus campaign
zh 将在即将开展的母亲和新生儿破伤风免疫运动中向孕妇分发用杀虫剂处理过的蚊帐。
en d) The international community to create conditions through increased financial support to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and other mechanisms, for insecticide-treated mosquito nets, insecticides for indoor residual spraying for malaria control and effective antimalarial combination treatments to be fully accessible and free of charge, as public goods, for all populations exposed to malaria
zh d) 国际社会通过增加对全球防治艾滋病、肺结核和疟疾基金和其他机制的财政支持,创造条件,使所有受疟疾威胁的人口充分和免费获得作为公益品提供的驱蚊帐、防治疟疾的室内滞留长效杀虫和有效的抗疟混合治疗
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