pronunciation: IPA: dʒuːt /dʒuːt/  

Translations into Chinese:

  • 黄麻   

Other meanings:

A plant of the species Corchorus capsularis or Corchorus olitorius cultivated for its long, soft, shiny vegetable fibres.
A fibre extracted from a jute plant.
The coarse, strong fiber of the East Indian plant, Corchorus olitorius, used to make mats, paper, gunny cloth etc.
The plants from which this fibre is obtained.

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area harvested to jute
baled jute
bastard jute
洋麻; 印度麻; 槿麻; 孟买大麻
bimlipatim jute
congo jute
Congo jute
刚果黄麻; 野锦花; 梵天花属
diversification out of jute
finished jute products
黄麻制成品; 成品黄麻制品
firsts of jute
优质黄麻; 顶级黄麻
holding under jute
irrigated jute
Java jute
槿麻; 孟买大麻; 洋麻; 印度麻
jute allied fibres
jute backing
jute bag
麻袋; 黄麻袋
jute butts
jute farmer
黄麻种植者; 麻农
jute goods
黄麻制品; 黄麻产品
jute grower
黄麻种植者; 麻农
jute hessian
jute mill
jute milling
jute pack
jute plant
黄麻树; 长荚黄麻; 长蒴黄麻; 荚膜黄麻; 圆荚黄麻; 黄麻
jute products
黄麻制品; 黄麻产品
jute sack
麻袋; 黄麻袋
jute stick
jute textile industry
麻纺业; 黄麻纺织工业
Jute tops
优质黄麻; 顶级黄麻
jute yarn
jute year
jute-like fibres
long jute
long-podded jute
黄麻树; 长荚黄麻; 长蒴黄麻
loose jute
middles of jute
rain-fed jute
raw jute
red jute
round-pod jute
黄麻; 荚膜黄麻; 圆荚黄麻
seed-podded jute
荚膜黄麻; 圆荚黄麻; 黄麻
Siam jute
槿麻; 孟买大麻; 印度麻; 洋麻
tossa jute
true jute
white jute
yellowing of jute

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en The Group shall endeavour to ensure that information made available by it does not prejudice the confidentiality of the operations of Governments or persons or enterprises producing, processing, marketing or consuming jute
zh c) 研究组应努力确保它提供的资料不损害生产、加工、营销或消费黄麻的政府、个人或企业经营活动的机密。
en The Organization shall collect, collate and, as necessary, publish such statistical information on production, trade, supply, stocks, consumption and prices of jute, jute products, synthetics and substitutes as is necessary for the operation of this [Agreement]
zh 本组织应收集和整理为执行本[协定]所需的关于黄麻、黄麻制品、合成品和代用品在生产、贸易、供应、储存、消费和价格方面的统计资料,必要时并予发表。
en Composition of the International Jute Council
zh 国际黄麻理事会的组成
en a) The Group shall analyse and process jute trade information and statistics collected from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), other international and national institutions and the private sector
zh a) 研究组应分析和处理联合国粮食及农业组织(粮农组织)、其他国际和国家机构及私营部门收集的有关黄麻贸易的资料和统计数字。
en An examination of air waybills for Kilwa Air, Ruwenzori Airways and Butembo Airlines shows that goods are only briefly described (boxes, personal effects, jute sacks, etc
zh 研究收集的关于Kilwa Air、Rwenzory Airways和布滕博航空公司的空运函发现,对货物的说明非常笼统(私人物品纸箱和麻袋等)。
en Jute (including kenaf and other allied fibres) was grown by around ‧ million small and marginal farmers in several countries of Asia and provided employment to hundreds of thousands of other people in its processing, manufacturing, trading and transportation
zh 在亚洲的一些国家,大约有 ‧ 万小农和边缘农户种植黄麻(包括槿麻和其他同类纤维),并在黄麻的加工、制造、交易和运输方面,为其他人提供数十万个就业。
en The representative of China supported the statement by India and Bangladesh and said that his country would support the work of the International Jute Organization (IJO) and would cooperate with all delegations in order to ensure the success of the Conference
zh 中国代表支持印度和孟加拉国的发言,说中国支持国际黄麻组织的工作,并将与各代表团合作,保证会议的成功。
en The Ministers stressed the importance of providing support to international organizations concerned with production and trade in commodities of LDCs, such as the International Jute Organization (IJO) and the Common Fund for Commodities (CFC
zh 部长们强调有必要向处理最不发达国家的初级商品生产和贸易问题的国际组织,诸如国际黄麻组织和商品共同基金等,提供支持。
en Despite the problems and uncertainties experienced by the world jute economy, it was accepted that these problems could be overcome, given time, resources and an appropriate institutional framework
zh 尽管世界黄麻经济遇到了各种问题和不确定因素,但仍认为,假以时间、资源和适当的体制机构,这些问题是可以克服的。
en The Group shall undertake studies related to the international jute economy as may be agreed to by the Council
zh b) 研究组应根据理事会的意见,开展国际黄麻经济的研究
en ii) In the case of non-jute-producing and net jute importing-countries, the average volume of their net imports of jute and jute products over the most recent three-year period for which relevant statistics are available
zh 二) 对于非黄麻生产国和黄麻净进口国,为掌握有关统计数字的最近三年的黄麻黄麻制品平均净进口额。
en The Council shall take such measures as are considered necessary to give publicity to and information about jute and jute products
zh 理事会应采取认为必要的措施,宣传黄麻黄麻制品及提供有关信息。
en ii) In the case of non-jute producing and net jute importing countries, the average volume of their net imports of jute and jute products over the most recent three year period for which relevant statistics are available
zh 二) 在非黄麻生产国和黄麻净进口国的情况下,为掌握有关统计数字的最近三年的黄麻黄麻制品平均净进口额。
en However, over the past few decades, jute production had been suffering from the competition with its synthetic substitutes and had also been adversely affected by price instability
zh 然而过去几十年里,黄麻生产遇到了合成替代品的竞争,也受到了价格不稳定的不利影响。
en Agreement on Jute and Jute Products
zh B. 拟订《 ‧ 年国际黄麻黄麻制品 协定》的后继协定 (议程项目
en Each importing member shall have ‧ basic votes; the remaining votes shall be distributed in proportion to the average volume of their net imports of jute and jute products over the most recent three-year period for which relevant statistics are available, subject to the provisions of paragraphs ‧ and ‧ below
zh 每个进口国成员将得到 ‧ 张基本票;其余票数的分配在不违反以下第 ‧ 和第 ‧ 款规定的情况下,与能够得到的最近三年的有关统计资料显示的黄麻黄麻制品平均净进口额成正比。]
en The Organization shall function through the International Jute Council, the Finance and Audit Committee and the Committee on Projects as permanent bodies, and the Executive Director and the staff
zh 本组织通过国际黄麻理事会、财务和审计委员会和项目委员会等常设机构,以及执行主任和工作人员行使职责。
en Trading channels may also be different for different types of Bangladeshi jute bags, or they may differ when destination markets are different
zh 而且,根据孟加拉黄麻袋的不同类型,或者根据不同的目的地市场,贸易渠道也会出现差异。
en The International Agreements on Jute and the International Jute Organization (IJO) were unique in several ways, the major one being that the IJO was the first international commodity body established primarily to focus on research and development rather than on price stabilization
zh 国际黄麻协定和国际黄麻组织在几个方面有其独特性,主要的一点是,国际黄麻组织是第一个国际商品机构,它的成立主要是为了开展研究和开发,而不是稳定价格。
en Considering the significant contribution made by the International [Agreement]s on Jute and Jute Products, of ‧ and ‧ towards such cooperation between exporting and importing countries
zh 考虑到 ‧ 和 ‧ 年的两项国际黄麻黄麻制品[协定]对出口国和进口国之间的此种合作做出的重要贡献
en The Provident Fund Scheme framed under the Act initially applied only to six schedule industries, viz., (i) Cement, (ii) Cigarette, (iii) Iron and Steel, (iv) Electrical, Mechanical or General Engineering Products, (v) Paper and (vi) Textile (cotton, wool, silk and jute) with effect from ‧ st November
zh 依据该法制订的储蓄基金计划最初只适用于六种计划内行业,即(一)水泥;(二)雪茄;(三)钢铁;(四)电气、机械或一般工程产品;(五)造纸和(六)纺织(棉、毛、丝和麻),自 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日生效。
en The Conference might want to consider other forms of cooperation on jute and jute products that would encourage the participation of more countries than were attending the Conference
zh 会议不妨考虑在黄麻黄麻产品上的其他合作形式,鼓励出席这次会议的更多的国家参加。
en The maintenance period for the Jute Farm Debuni project was ‧ months
zh ute Farm Debuni项目维修保养期为 ‧ 个月。
en For legal, administrative, financial and operational purposes, the Group, when these Terms of Reference enter into force, shall be considered as the successor entity to the International Jute Organization, initially established under the International Agreement on Jute and Jute Products ‧ and maintained in existence under the International Agreement on Jute and Jute Products
zh 在法律、行政、财务和业务上,研究组将在本职权范围生效后,作为国际黄麻组织的后继实体,该组织最早是在 ‧ 年根据《国际黄麻黄麻制品协定》成立的,又根据 ‧ 年的《国际黄麻黄麻制品协定》保存下来。
en “Draft provisions of the International Agreement on Jute and Jute Products
zh “ ‧ 年国际黄麻黄麻制品协定条款草案”
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