pronunciation: IPA: dʒuːt /dʒuːt/  

Translations into Chinese:

  • 黄麻   

Other meanings:

A plant of the species Corchorus capsularis or Corchorus olitorius cultivated for its long, soft, shiny vegetable fibres.
The coarse, strong fiber of the East Indian plant, Corchorus olitorius, used to make mats, paper, gunny cloth etc.
The plants from which this fibre is obtained.
A fibre extracted from a jute plant.

Similar phrases in dictionary English Chinese. (7)

bimlipatim jute洋麻(植物)
burlap (jute fiber)麻袋
china jute塘麻
congo jute野锦花
tossa jute吐沙牌黄麻
velvetleaf (Abutilon avicennae), plant of the jute family
white jute白黄麻

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a) These Terms of Reference shall enter into force when States together accounting for ‧ per cent of trade (imports and exports combined) in jute and jute products, as set out in Annex A to these Terms of Reference, have notified the Secretary-General of the United Nations (hereinafter referred to as “the depositary”) pursuant to sub-paragraph (b) below of their provisional application or definitive acceptance of these Terms of Referencea) 根据本职权范围附件A所列表格,在黄麻黄麻制品的贸易(进出口总合)中占 ‧ %的国家根据以下(b)项,通知联合国秘书长(以下称“保存人”)它们暂时适用或明确接受本职权范围后,本职权范围即告生效
The Council shall ensure that no information published shall prejudice the confidentiality of the operations of persons or companies producing, processing or marketing jute, jute products, synthetics and substitutes理事会应保证所发表的资料绝不损害生产、加工或销售黄麻、黄麻制品、合成品和代用品的个人或公司的业务机密。
i) In the case of jute-producing countries, the weighted average volume of production of ‧ per cent and the average volume of net trade of ‧ per cent of jute and jute products over the most recent three-year period for which relevant statistics are available一) 对于黄麻生产国,为掌握有关统计数字的最近三年加权平均产量的 ‧ %和黄麻黄麻制品平均净贸易量的 ‧ %
The Deputy Secretary General of UNCTAD expressed the hope that the Conference would make an important contribution to maintaining and further strengthening international cooperation on jute and jute-related matters贸发会议副秘书长表示希望会议将对保持和进一步加强在黄麻黄麻有关问题上的国际合作作出重要贡献。
The IJO's achievements, if assessed in relation to the resources made available and against the background that it had been established following decades of neglect of the jute sector, were quite positive and deserved to be continued within the framework of a new agreement国际黄麻组织的成绩,如果用安排的资源来衡量,并考虑到它是在黄麻业数十年得不到重视的情况下成立的,可以说成绩是相当积极的,应在新的协定框架内继续下去。
The representative of China supported the statements by India and Bangladesh and said that his country would support the work of the International Jute Organization (IJO) and would cooperate with all delegations in order to ensure the success of the Conference中国代表支持印度和孟加拉的发言,说中国支持国际黄麻组织的工作,并将与各代表团合作,保证会议的成功。
[“Non-producing” member means either a member which does not produce any raw jute or a member which does not produce raw jute in any commercial quantities, with [and whose] imports exceeding its exports of jute and jute products, and which has declared itself to be a non-producing member][“非生产国成员”,指不生产任何黄麻的成员,或不大量商业性产生黄麻,且其黄麻黄麻制品的进口超过出口,并已宣布自己为非生产国的成员]
Trading channels may also be different for different types of Bangladeshi jute bags, or they may differ when destination markets are different而且,根据孟加拉黄麻袋的不同类型,或者根据不同的目的地市场,贸易渠道也会出现差异。
He hoped that the Instrument would enjoy wide representation, including that of the major jute-importing countries他希望文书享有广泛的代表性,包括主要黄麻进口国的代表性。
At its ‧ th (closing) plenary meeting, on ‧ pril ‧ the Conference adopted the International Instrument of Cooperation on Jute and Jute Products ‧ (see part one above在 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日第 ‧ 次(闭幕)全体会议上,会议通过了 ‧ 年黄麻黄麻制品国际合作文书(见上文第一部分
The International Jute Study Group, hereinafter referred to as “the Group”, is hereby established to administer the provisions and supervise the operation of these Terms of Reference谨此设立国际黄麻研究组,以下简称“研究组”,负责实施本职权范围的规定和监督其运作。
The Organization shall collect, collate and, as necessary, publish such statistical information on production, trade, supply, stocks, consumption and prices of jute, jute products, synthetics and substitutes as is necessary for the operation of this [Agreement]本组织应收集和整理为执行本[协定]所需的关于黄麻、黄麻制品、合成品和代用品在生产、贸易、供应、储存、消费和价格方面的统计资料,必要时并予发表。
In particular, proposals were made for the inclusion of non-timber forest products, products based on traditional knowledge (TK) and products made from natural fibres such as jute and coir具体而言,提出了将非木材森林制品,传统知识产品和天然纤维例如黄麻和椰壳制品列入以上范围的建议。
Recognizing the importance of jute and jute products to the economies of many developing exporting countries认识到黄麻黄麻制品对于很多出口黄麻的发展中国家经济的重要性
The first International Agreement on Jute and Jute Products had been concluded in第一个《国际黄麻黄麻制品协定》是在 ‧ 年达成的。
The review shall be carried out in the light of information supplied by members in relation to national production, stocks, exports and imports, consumption and prices, of jute and jute products and synthetics and substitutes and such other information as may be available to the Council, either directly or through the appropriate organizations in the United Nations system, including UNCTAD and FAO, and appropriate intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations进行审查时应参照成员所提供的有关黄麻黄麻制品以及合成品和代用品的各国生产、储存、进出口、消费和价格的资料,以及理事会直接地或是通过联合国系统适当的机构,包括贸发会议、 粮农组织,以及适当的政府间组织和非政府组织,获得的其他资料。
The Council shall take such measures as are considered necessary to give publicity to and information about jute and jute products理事会应采取认为必要的措施,宣传黄麻黄麻制品及提供有关信息。
After this Instrument enters into force, amendments to it may be recommended, by special vote, by the Council, acting under the International Instrument of Cooperation on Jute and Jute Products ‧ in accordance with the provisions of the Instrument本文书生效后,对文书的修订可由理事会依《 ‧ 年黄麻黄麻制品国际合作文书》行事,根据文书的规定经特别表决作出建议。
a) The Group shall analyse and process jute trade information and statistics collected from FAO, other international and national institutions and the private sectora) 研究组应分析和处理粮农组织、其他国际和国家机构及私营部门收集
“Council” means the International Jute Council established in accordance with article“理事会”指根据第 ‧ 条建立的国际黄麻理事会
The Council may invite any non-member country or any of the organizations referred to in article ‧ concerned with international trade in jute and jute products or with the jute industry to attend as observers any of the meetings of the Council or of its Committees理事会可邀请任何非成员国或第 ‧ 条所指的任何与国际黄麻黄麻制品贸易或黄麻工业有关的组织,以观察员的身份参加理事会的或其委员会任何会议。
Any State invited to the United Nations Conference on Jute and Jute Products ‧ may become a party to the International Instrument of Cooperation on Jute and Jute Products ‧ as amended, in accordance with the provisions of the Instrument所有应邀参加 ‧ 年联合国黄麻黄麻制品会议的国家,均可根据文书的规定,成为修正后的《 ‧ 年黄麻黄麻制品国际合作文书》缔约国。
The Group shall, in consultation with members, associate members and interested parties, identify constraints and opportunities in the world market for jute and jute products with a view to undertaking appropriate activities, with particular reference to increasing the demand and developing the market for jute and jute products as well as dissemination and commercial exploitation of emerging technologies研究组应与成员、联系成员和有关方面磋商,找出世界黄麻黄麻制品市场的问题和机会,以便开展相应的活动,特别是增加对黄麻黄麻制品的需求和开发市场,以及推广新兴技术并作商业利用。
a) The Group shall analyse and process jute trade information and statistics collected from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), other international and national institutions and the private sectora) 研究组应分析和处理联合国粮食及农业组织(粮农组织)、其他国际和国家机构及私营部门收集的有关黄麻贸易的资料和统计数字。
Attached to this letter are two promissory notes, each dated ‧ ebruary ‧ in the total amount of ‧ ( ‧ ) issued for the “final measurement” of the Jute Farm Debuni project信后附有为“最后检验”Jute Farm Debuni项目签发的两份期票,日期均为 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日,总额为 ‧ 伊拉克第纳尔( ‧ 美元)。
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