pronunciation: IPA: 'ridəɸ        

Translations into Chinese:

  • 讀取器   
    A device that reads RFID tags and passes tag information in a digital form to a computer system.
  • 讀者   
    A device that reads RFID tags and passes tag information in a digital form to a computer system.
  • 读取器   
    A device that reads RFID tags and passes tag information in a digital form to a computer system.
  • 读者   
    A device that reads RFID tags and passes tag information in a digital form to a computer system.
  • 讀本   
  • 读本   

Other meanings:

A newspaper advertisement designed to look like an news article rather than a commercial solicitation.
reader (person)
(computer) reader
A person who recites literary works, usually to an audience.
A device such as a card reader or microfilm reader.
person who reads a publication
A person who reads a publication.
A book of exercises to accompany a textbook.
A literary anthology.
A proofreader.
A lay or minor cleric who reads lessons in a church service.
(chiefly UK) A university lecturer below a professor.

Similar phrases in dictionary English Chinese. (26)

all-in-one card reader
bar code reader
条形码阅读机; 条码读取器; 條碼讀取機
barcode reader
BitLocker To Go Reader
BitLocker To Go 讀取裝置
card reader
讀卡機; 讀卡器; 读卡器
dear reader
看官; 看倌
document reader
e-book reader
electronic book reader
電紙書; 电纸书; 电子书阅读器
electronic reader
fingerprint reader
指纹读取器; 指紋辨識器
for the benefit of the reader
以飨读者; 以饗讀者
Log Reader Agent
magnetic stripe reader
optical mark reader
power reader
高级读者; 進階讀者
Queue Reader Agent
佇列讀取器代理程式; 队列读取器代理
reader (software)
閱讀器; 阅读器
Reader's Digest
讀者文摘; 读者文摘
Reader's Letters
讀者來信; 读者来信
screen reader
smart card reader
智能卡读卡器; 智慧卡讀卡機
Utility Reader
公用程式讀取者; 实用工具读取者

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Example sentences with "reader", translation memory

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en Suggestions on how to make the budget document more "reader friendly" included the integration of tables within the narrative text
zh 提出了一些关于如何使预算文件更方便读者的建议,包括将表格放入叙述文字中。
en It was further emphasized that there had been a practice in private law treaties to provide self-contained rules of interpretation, without which the reader would be referred to general rules of public international law on the interpretation of treaties that might not be entirely suitable for the interpretation of private law provisions
zh 另据强调,私法条约中的习惯是规定自成一体的解释规则,否则读者将需要参照国际公法关于条约解释的一般规则,而这些规则可能并不完全适用于对私法条文的解释。
en To make the report more comprehensive and reader-friendly, reference is made to articles and chapters rather than individual provisions under review
zh 为了使报告更加全面并提高其可读性,所参照的为条款和章节、而不是有关的具体条文。
en Although the Council had a very busy year, this report is not only compact and more reader-friendly, as compared to previous ones, but also less costly
zh 尽管安理会过去一年非常繁忙,但与往年报告相比,该报告不仅简约和易于阅读,而且制作成本有所下降。
en The provision, which simply referred the reader to articles ‧ to ‧ of the Vienna Convention, had proved largely uncontroversial
zh 该条款仅让读者参考《维也纳公约》第 ‧ 到 ‧ 条,因此基本不存在争议。
en It also allows readers to track how the Committee's concluding observations have evolved since
zh 它还使读者能够追溯自 ‧ 年以来委员会的结论性意见是如何演变的。
en Particular efforts have been made to make the frameworks more concrete, streamlined and reader-friendly by applying standard criteria to the performance information provided and by presenting the addendum to the present report in landscape format
zh 为了使成果制框架更加具体、更加精简而且便于使用,已经作出特别努力,在提供执行情况资料时采用统一标准,而且报告增编采用横向页面格式。
en A communication strategy aimed at disseminating the Declaration was developed through the production of a pocket-sized version of the Declaration and a publication of frequently asked questions on the Declaration for the general reader
zh 通过为普通读者制作便于携带的《宣言》和《宣言常见问题》出版物,编写了一项旨在传播《宣言》的沟通战略。
en The use of a computer-based information-gathering tool such as the self-assessment checklist has made it possible to prepare a reader-friendly report that utilizes figures
zh 由于利用自评清单等借助计算机的信息收集工具,才得以编写出便于读者使用的带图表的报告。
en Providing training of life assistance and intermediaries such as sign language and tactile interpreters, note takers, readers and others- Lebanon
zh 提供生活助理和代理人员,例如手语和触感手语翻译、记录员、朗读员和其他人员。
en Section ‧ contains comparative data and reader-friendly figures reflecting the disposition of all cases that were completed during the reporting period, including cases that did not result in the imposition of a disciplinary measure, and provides information on the practice of the Secretary-General in cases of possible criminal behaviour
zh 第四节载有比较数据和方便读者的数字资料,说明本报告期间结案的所有案件处理情况,包括没有采取纪律措施的案件,以及说明了秘书长对可能有犯罪行为的案件的做法。
en This also applies to the acquisition of smart cards and their readers, technology that is supplied solely by a United States company called Datakey Inc
zh 在获得智能卡及其读卡时也需要遵守这样的规定,而美国的Datakey公司是这些技术的唯一供应厂商。
en The re-registration was also intended to confuse the readers of independent periodicals and make it difficult for them to find their preferred publications at newsstands or in subscription catalogues
zh 重新登记也是旨在给独立期刊的读者们制造麻烦,难以在报摊或订购单上找到其喜欢的出版物。
en It is suggested that, with a view to enhancing lay readers' understanding of the project, a glossary could be included at the end
zh 据建议,为了提高外行读者对该项目的理解,可以在末尾附上术语表。
en A person during any time the person is acting in a religious function as a duly ordained or appointed cleric, a member of a religious order or as a lay reader; A person who entered into or works under a contract of service or apprenticeship outside the Yukon, who ordinarily resides outside of the Yukon and is employed by an employer who is based outside of the Yukon and carries on business in the Yukon on a temporary basis
zh 《工人赔偿法》适用于育空地区所有工人,但下列人员除外: 任何时间都以宗教身份活动的人员,例如指定的神职人员、教团成员或信徒司仪; 在育空地区以外订立劳务合同或以学徒身份工作、通常不在育空地区居住、被育空地区以外的雇主雇用和暂时在育空地区经商的人员。
en File Reader Template
zh 文件阅读器模板Comment
en In addition there is an index on the website that tells the reader of references to the UN
zh 此外,网站上还有索引,向读者介绍有关联合国的参考信息。
en provide [other forms of- Lebanon] live assistance including guides, readers (and sign language interpreters- Lebanon) and captioning to facilitate accessibility to public buildings, facilities and information
zh 提供[其他形式的--黎巴嫩]生活扶助,包括向导、解说员(和手语翻译--黎巴嫩)和文字说明,以改善公共建筑、设施和信息的无障碍环境
en a) An audience survey showed that ‧ per cent (compared to ‧ per cent in ‧ ) of the readers of Africa Renewal* considered the publication to be interesting ‧ per cent considered it to have new and well-researched information and ‧ per cent thought it was well written
zh a) 一项读者调查表明,《非洲复兴》* 的读者中有 ‧ %( ‧ 年为 ‧ %)认为该出版物富有趣味,有 ‧ %认为该出版物提供了经过仔细研究的新信息,有 ‧ %认为该出版物写得很好。
en The book may be considered a first comprehensive reader on the topic of exonyms as well as the first tangible product of the Working Group on Exonyms
zh 该书堪称外来语地名专题的第一份综合读本,也是外来语地名工作组的第一个有形产品。
en By expanding outreach to its respective networks, UNEP was able to reach more readers at the city level, while UN-Habitat reached more readers in the environmental community at all levels
zh 通过扩大其各自的网络开展对外宣传工作,环境署得以在城市一级接触到更多的公众;人居署则在所有级别的环境社区内接触到更多的公众。
en The contents of this paper should therefore be viewed in the context of wider ongoing coverage of ICT, e-business and development being carried out by the secretariat, and interested readers are referred to the relevant chapters of the ‧ issue of the E-Commerce and Development Report ‧ or those of previous years for more detailed coverage of the specific topics discussed here, as well as for information and analysis concerning other aspects of ICT and economic development
zh 因此,本文的内容应当与秘书处正在开展的信通技术、电子经营和发展等范围更广的内容联系在一起,感兴趣的读者可参考《 ‧ 年电子商务与发展报告》 ‧ 年版的有关章节,或历年涉及在此讨论的具体专题的有关章节,以及涉及信通技术与经济发展其他方面的资料和分析。
en The future reader of the recommendations and model provisions must be in a position to appreciate the historical evolution of the various texts, something which would no longer be possible if a part of the recommendations was abandoned
zh 建议和示范条文的读者未来必须要能够了解各种案文的发展由来,如果放弃一部分建议,就不可能做到这一点。
en The reader is referred to the first working paper for a presentation of the Human Genome Project and the questions it has raised in the fields of science, law and ethics
zh 关于人类基因组工程的表述可参阅第一份工作文件及其在科学、法律和道德伦理方面提出的问题。
en Readers should bear in mind the linkage among those complementary capacities since all the dimensions of state capacity are interrelated and essential for ensuring that the state performs its functions in an effective and efficient manner
zh 读者应牢记这些互补的能力之间的联系,因为国家能力的所有方面都是息息相关的,而且对保证国家切实有效履行其职能是必不可少的。
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