pronunciation: IPA: 'ridəɸ        

Translations into Chinese:

  • 讀取器   
    A device that reads RFID tags and passes tag information in a digital form to a computer system.
  • 讀者   
    A device that reads RFID tags and passes tag information in a digital form to a computer system.
  • 读取器   
    A device that reads RFID tags and passes tag information in a digital form to a computer system.
  • 读者   
    A device that reads RFID tags and passes tag information in a digital form to a computer system.
  • 讀本   
  • 读本   

Other meanings:

A newspaper advertisement designed to look like an news article rather than a commercial solicitation.
reader (person)
(computer) reader
A person who recites literary works, usually to an audience.
A device such as a card reader or microfilm reader.
person who reads a publication
A person who reads a publication.
A book of exercises to accompany a textbook.
A literary anthology.
A proofreader.
A lay or minor cleric who reads lessons in a church service.
(chiefly UK) A university lecturer below a professor.

Similar phrases in dictionary English Chinese. (26)

all-in-one card reader
bar code reader
条码读取器; 條碼讀取機; 条形码阅读机
barcode reader
BitLocker To Go Reader
BitLocker To Go 讀取裝置
card reader
讀卡機; 讀卡器; 读卡器
dear reader
看官; 看倌
document reader
e-book reader
electronic book reader
電紙書; 电纸书; 电子书阅读器
electronic reader
fingerprint reader
指纹读取器; 指紋辨識器
for the benefit of the reader
以飨读者; 以饗讀者
Log Reader Agent
magnetic stripe reader
optical mark reader
power reader
高级读者; 進階讀者
Queue Reader Agent
佇列讀取器代理程式; 队列读取器代理
reader (software)
閱讀器; 阅读器
Reader's Digest
讀者文摘; 读者文摘
Reader's Letters
讀者來信; 读者来信
screen reader
smart card reader
智能卡读卡器; 智慧卡讀卡機
Utility Reader
公用程式讀取者; 实用工具读取者

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Example sentences with "reader", translation memory

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en The Committee expects the performance report for the period ‧ to be more concrete, streamlined and reader-friendly
zh 委员会希望 ‧ 年度的执行情况报告更加具体、简化,便于阅读。
en The reader is referred to the report of the meeting ( ‧ ), which has been submitted to the Commission on Human Rights under items ‧ and ‧ of the provisional agenda
zh 读者参看该会议的报告( ‧ ),该报告已在临时议程项目 ‧ 和 ‧ 之下提交人权委员会。
en The Digital Library of UNCTAD Publications was accessed by over ‧ readers during
zh 在 ‧ 年期间,访问贸发会议出版物的数字图书馆的读者超过 ‧ 人次。
en Fifty-six titles are being prepared by UNESCO for upper primary school, along with syllabuses, teacher guides and supplementary readers
zh 教科文组织正在为小学高年级编写 ‧ 个书目,同时还有教学大纲、教师指南和补充读物。
en Feedback from readers has been increasing, particularly since the launch of the magazine's web site
zh 来自读者的回馈不断增加,特别是自从开办了杂志的网址之后。
en A further ‧ subscribed readers receive the free reports by email each week
zh 此外还有 ‧ 名订阅读者每星期通过电子邮件收到免费的报道。
en Serbian-language newspapers imported from Serbia proper often contain misleading news coverage about Kosovo, and cannot be said to properly serve Serbian-language readers in Kosovo (temporary Media Commissioner
zh 来自塞尔维亚本土的塞文报纸常常载有关于科索沃的误导消息,不能说这些报纸为在科索沃的塞文读者提供了良好服务(临时媒体专员)。
en A careful reader will note that in the numéraire country (the United States) ‧ government consumption is ‧ per cent of GDP in PPP prices and ‧ per cent in domestic prices
zh 细心的读者会注意到基准国(美国) ‧ 年政府消费如以购买力平价计算,其在国内总产值的份额为 ‧ %,如以国内价格计算,其在国内总产值的份额则为 ‧ %。
en These grants can be used to cover exceptional expenses related to an individual's disability, including costs such as: note-taker, reader, tutor, interpreter, specialized transportation, technical devices, alternative formats such as large print, Braille, or audiocassette reading, etc
zh 这些助学金可以用于负担与个人残疾有关的特殊支出,包括用于诸如以下方面的费用:记录者、朗读者、家庭教师、翻译、专门交通、技术装置及大字体印刷、盲文或录音机朗读等等。
en It is published in English, French, Chinese, Russian, German and Spanish, and is currently mailed to more than ‧ readers in more than ‧ countries
zh 通讯以英文、法文、中文、俄文、德文和西班牙人出版发行,目前邮寄给 ‧ 多个国家的 ‧ 万名读者
en The bibliography contains a long list of relevant publications from most parts of the world, and an index helps the reader to find the different key-words or countries
zh 参考书目列有世界大多数地区的有关出版物的长长的单子,还有一个索引帮助读者查找关键词或国家。
en In this connection, readers may also consult documents such as the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, as well as the Observations of the ‧ ommittee
zh 在这方面,读者还可参考《经济、社会、文化权利国际公约》以及 ‧ 年委员会的评论意见。
en Through this programme, states and districts receive support to apply scientifically based reading research to ensure that students become proficient readers
zh 各州和区通过这项方案,收到开展科学的阅读研究的支助,以确保学生能熟练的阅读。
en a) An audience survey showed that ‧ per cent (compared to ‧ per cent in ‧ ) of the readers of Africa Renewal* considered the publication to be interesting ‧ per cent considered it to have new and well-researched information and ‧ per cent thought it was well written
zh a) 一项读者调查表明,《非洲复兴》* 的读者中有 ‧ %( ‧ 年为 ‧ %)认为该出版物富有趣味,有 ‧ %认为该出版物提供了经过仔细研究的新信息,有 ‧ %认为该出版物写得很好。
en The observer for Thailand explained that the summary in paragraphs ‧ to ‧ of that paper referring to Viet Nam, Thailand and the Lao People's Democratic Republic did not accurately reflect the present situation in Thailand and might mislead readers
zh 泰国观察员说,该文件第 ‧ 至 ‧ 段的概述提到越南、泰国和老挝人民民主共和国,但没有准确反映泰国的目前情况,因而可能误导读者
en Particular efforts have been made to make the frameworks more concrete, streamlined and reader-friendly by applying standard criteria to the performance information provided and by presenting the addendum to the present report in landscape format
zh 为了使成果制框架更加具体、更加精简而且便于使用,已经作出特别努力,在提供执行情况资料时采用统一标准,而且报告增编采用横向页面格式。
en Where appropriate, the notes to these model provisions refer the reader to provisions of the Model Procurement Law, which may, mutatis mutandis, supplement the practical elements of the selection procedure described herein
zh 这些示范条文的说明可酌情提请读者参考采购示范法的规定,这些规定经过在细节上作必要的修改后可作为对示范条文中所述筛选程序实际要素的补充。
en The reader should note that the key elements of the MLF that make it distinct are possible because it functions under a legally binding instrument
zh 读者应该注意,使多边基金具有独特性的关键因素是可能存在的,因为它是按照一项具有法律拘束力的文书运作的。
en Mindful of the need of the reader to understand the basis of the Panel's decisions, those procedures, principles and decisions are re-stated below, together with further procedures, decisions and principles that the Panel has applied during its review of the third instalment part two claims
zh 如先前各批索赔一样并鉴于第三批第二部分索赔的复杂性和技术性,小组利用了独立损失理算师和会计师(“专家顾问”)。
en The Advisory Committee acknowledges the improvements made in the budget document, but believes that the presentation could be more reader-friendly
zh 咨询委员会承认预算文件有所改进,但认为列报方式在方便读者阅读方面还有待改进。
en You can find & knode; in the K Menu under the Internet entry: the menu entry knode; (News Reader) launches the program
zh 您可以在 & kmenu; 裡的 網際網路 裡找到 & knode; 。
en We encourage the reader to refer to the previous UK reports on the implementation of the Convention to obtain a comprehensive picture of the Government's actions to meet its obligations under the Convention
zh 私藏这类照片的最高徒刑从 ‧ 个月提高到 ‧ 年;制作、散布及刊登广告宣传这类照片的罪行,最高徒刑从 ‧ 年增加到 ‧ 年。
en Also, CONACULTA, as part of the National Culture Programme ‧ and through the Department of Publications, launched a programme entitled “Towards a country of readers”, with the following main objectives: To make reading and books fundamental elements of the population's overall education, greater cultural opportunities, and the formation of critical awareness
zh 另外,作为“ ‧ 年国家文化计划”的组成部分,国家文化和艺术委员会通过出版局开展了名为“创建阅读型国家”的方案,其主要目标如下
en Rather, the Guide provides definitions giving a specific meaning to each key term in order to facilitate precise communication, independent of any particular national legal system, and to enable readers of the Guide to understand its recommendations in a uniform way, providing them with a common vocabulary and conceptual framework
zh 确切地说,本指南提供定义,给出每个关键词的特定含义,以方便准确交流,不依赖任何特定的国家法律制度,并使本指南的读者能够以统一的方式理解其中的建议,为读者提供共同的词汇和概念框架。
en The reader is referred to the first working paper for a presentation of the Human Genome Project and the questions it has raised in the fields of science, law and ethics
zh 关于人类基因组工程的表述可参阅第一份工作文件及其在科学、法律和道德伦理方面提出的问题。
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