Translations into Chinese:

  • 午睡   
  • 午覺   
  • 午觉   

Other meanings:

An afternoon nap.
nap (afternoon)
an afternoon nap
A short period of sleep, especially one during the day time.
A short nap after lunch.

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en Health Socio-economic information typically considered for assessing the vulnerability of human health includes data on economic factors (e.g. income, income inequality, livelihoods), demographics (e.g. population size, age structure, gender, ethnicity), internal migration, infrastructure (e.g. water supply, sanitation, transport), housing standards, behavioural customs (e.g. physical activity, clothing, siesta) and the status of health services (e.g. availability, access, quality, support networks, disease prevention/control, insurance
zh 评估人的健康脆弱性时通常考虑的社会经济信息包括经济要素数据(如收入、收入不平等、生计)、人口统计(如人口规模、年龄结构、性别、民族)、内部迁徙、基础设施(如,供水、清洁、运输)、住房标准、行为习惯(如,体力活动、穿衣、午休),以及健康服务状况(如:具备情况、获取条件、质量、支助网络、疾病预防/控制、保险)。
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