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  • 引誘   
  • 诱惑   

Other meanings:

The condition of being tempted.
The act of tempting
something attractive, tempting or seductive
Pressure applied to your thinking designed to create wrong emotions which will eventually lead to wrong actions.
act of tempting
the condition of being tempted.
condition of being tempted
pressure applied to one's thinking
Something attractive, tempting or seductive; an inducement or enticement.
something that shouldn’t be seen

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en First- this can never be overstated- we must resist the temptation of one-size-fits-all policies
zh 首先,再怎样强调也不过分的是,我们必须抵制一刀切政策的诱惑
en This is due mainly to the complexities of the crisis in Darfur, the lack of confidence between the parties fuelled by the continuous violations of the ceasefire and compounded by both parties succumbing to the temptation of improving their military and political positions before moving to the critical phase of the negotiation
zh 这主要是由于达尔富尔危机十分复杂,停火不断遭到违反,双方不禁要在进入谈判关键阶段之前巩固各自的军事和政治地位,这导致各方之间缺乏信任。
en Such an atmosphere is likely to lead to dangerous temptations, such as intolerance and complacency, on the pedagogical, social and political levels
zh 这种气氛很可能在教学、社会和政治各层面导致危险的诱惑,例如不容忍和自满自得。
en It is difficult to address the issues of a culture of violence, of a people traumatized and accustomed to abuse by State law enforcement agencies for a quarter of a century, and it is difficult to suddenly drop the temptation to engage in violence
zh 很难解决暴力文化的问题,我们人民四分之一世纪以来受到国家执法机构的蹂躏并习惯于国家执法机构的虐待,很难突然放弃参与暴力的冲动。
en Individual witnesses to the Games can see fair play at work, and so moved might commit to fighting temptations that otherwise would keep them from realizing their goals and ideals
zh 观众可以看到公平比赛,受到感动而决心抵制妨碍他们实现其目标和理想的种种诱惑
en In spite of all the positive elements, the temptation to offer an excessively positive assessment of the situation should be avoided
zh 尽管有种种积极因素,但应该避免对局势作过于积极的评价。
en Kazakhstan, having been the epicentre of cold-war nuclear confrontation and having resolutely resisted the temptation to turn into a nuclear power after it gained independence, has every right to raise this issue with vigour
zh 哈萨克斯坦曾经是冷战和对峙的中心,并且在获得独立之后坚决抵制了变成一个核大国的诱惑,它有权强有力地提出这一问题。
en However, we would like to caution against the temptation to resort to piecemeal and partial solutions
zh 然而,我们想告诫大家抵制诉诸零碎和局部的解决办法的诱惑
en There is a strong temptation to refrain from lowering ourselves to the level of this rhetoric, which is full of accusations with regard to Azerbaijan
zh 我实在不愿意理会这种充斥着对阿塞拜疆指控的诡辩言论。
en “Whatever the pain the world may be going through, we should avoid the temptations of racism, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and any other forms of prejudice and discrimination that the recent World Conference against Racism so eloquently warned against.”
zh “无论全世界正在经历多么大的痛苦,我们都应该避免最近举行的反种族主义世界会议雄辩地警告的种族主义、憎恨伊斯兰、反犹太主义以及任何其他形式的偏见和歧视。”
en We should allow ourselves neither to be diverted from that objective nor to succumb to the temptation to abandon this important but uncompleted aspect of United Nations reform
zh 我们应该既不脱离这个目标,又不屈从于诱惑而抛弃联合国改革的这一重要但尚未完成的方面。
en We must look beyond the smoke of war and avoid the easy temptations of recrimination and rancour
zh 我们的目光不能被战争的硝烟所局限,我们必须避免很容易会出现的那种相互指责与相互埋怨的做法。
en However, the situation will remain fragile and shaky unless the temptation to engage in internal political manoeuvres in Kosovo is replaced by a strong will and a strategic vision for a multi-ethnic society in which all its people can live in security and in dignity
zh 但是,局势将继续脆弱动荡,除非能以建设一个多民族社会,让所有人民都能过上安全和尊严生活的强烈意愿和战略远景战胜内部政治倾轧的诱惑
en The multilateral system would thus be strengthened and temptations to resort to actions that weaken it would be avoided
zh 多边体系将因此得以加强,而削弱多边体系的诉诸武力的诱惑得以避免。
en However, apart from that tragic situation, we urge avoiding the temptation to engage in an argument about who began this new descent into madness
zh 然而,除了这一悲惨局势外,我们敦促不要受到就是谁开始这次疯狂行为进行争论的诱惑
en Too often, we yield to the temptation to offer weak formulas that are never implemented
zh 我们常常在提出永远得不到执行的软弱的方案的诱惑面前让步。
en Quite apart from most of the other reasons mentioned earlier- which I will not go into- in the context of the current debate, I think any Security Council-led conditionalities would be open to the temptation of further encroachment on what is essentially something for the General Assembly to ultimately take a position on
zh 除了本次辩论中先前提出的其他多数理由--我不打算再提--外,我认为安全理事会带头提出的任何条件都会诱使进一步僭越从基本上看应当由大会最终采取某种立场的事情。
en It has been upheld to date despite all the temptations of the cold war
zh 尽管受冷战的各种影响,但迄今为止,这一点始终得到坚持。
en Mexico reaffirms its conviction that action based on principles and agreements must take precedence over the temptations of unilateralism and that universal standards must prevail over short-term interests
zh 墨西哥重申其信念:以原则和协定为基础的行动必须优先于单边主义的诱惑,以及普遍标准必须高于短期利益。
en The onus is now on the signatories to the Lusaka Agreement to honour their commitments under the Agreement and to resist the temptation to use the ceasefire and the redeployment of forces to seek advantage over their fellow signatories
zh 现在关键在于《卢萨卡协定》签署方履行根据《协定》所作的承诺,并且抵制这样一种诱惑,即利用停火和重新部署部队来取得对其他签署方的优势。
en It has been maintained thus far despite all the temptations of the cold war, and it should continue to be maintained
zh 不管冷战产生什么样的诱惑,这一要素迄今没有变化,今后应当继续保持不变。
en There must be a real commitment in the Security Council to defend collective interest, and overcome the temptation to act in exclusive ways favouring only national interests or lesser goals
zh 安全理事会必须真正致力于维护集体利益,并克服以仅仅符合国家利益或较小目标的专门方式采取行动的诱惑
en It is wrong and unfair that in efforts to find lasting solutions to conflicts one should yield to the easy temptation of accusation, recrimination, condemnation and exclusion
zh 在找到解决冲突的持久办法的努力中,人们却要屈服于指控、指责、谴责和排斥的轻易的诱惑,这是错误的和不公正的。
en The young people of the emerging generation, which had known no life other than that of refugees were currently being solicited to commit terrorist activities in order to draw attention to the Saharan cause, but were resisting the temptation and choosing peaceful struggle
zh 新一代所过的只有难民的生活,而如今却有人要他们去参加恐怖主义行动,以引起对西撒哈拉事业的重视,但他们抵制了诱惑并选择进行和平的战斗。
en To ignore this demand could encourage the temptation among the victims of injustice to respond with violence, as happens at the origin of many wars
zh 无视这一要求就可能鼓励受不公正伤害的人诉诸暴力,而很多战争皆起源于此。
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