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  • 引誘   
  • 诱惑   

Other meanings:

The condition of being tempted.
The act of tempting
something attractive, tempting or seductive
Pressure applied to your thinking designed to create wrong emotions which will eventually lead to wrong actions.
act of tempting
the condition of being tempted.
condition of being tempted
pressure applied to one's thinking
Something attractive, tempting or seductive; an inducement or enticement.
something that shouldn’t be seen

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Mara (the demon of temptation)魔障

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It also lives on in our sorrow that over the centuries, the temptation of the great and the powerful every now and again to wage victorious blitzkriegs has not yet yielded to a realization of the simple truth that a flawed peace is better than outright conflict它也使我们感到悲痛,几个世纪以来,大国和强国不时发动胜利闪电战的诱惑还没有让位于对这一简单真理的认识,即使有缺陷的和平也要好过公然冲突。
That in turn could lead to a situation where States succumb to the temptation of applying to whichever court they consider to be the most convenient one available这反过来可能导致出现国家经不住诱惑而求助于其认为现有最方便的法庭的情况。
Above all, resisting the temptation of protectionism under deteriorating national economic conditions and continuing to work towards free and fair trade, including meeting commitments to free market access for least developing countries, was critical for reviving trade as an engine of growth in developing countries and the world economy as a whole在国家经济不断恶化的情况下抵抗保护主义的诱惑,并继续努力推动自由、公正的贸易,包括实现准许最不发达国家自由进入市场的承诺,尤其是振兴贸易作为发展中国家和世界经济全面增长的动力的关键要素。
The Committee should resist the temptation of providing the Secretariat with superfluous instructions on the pattern of conferences委员会应避免向秘书处提供关于会议时地分配办法的不必要的指示。
As the Council, we should avoid the temptation to pre-empt the outcome of mediation efforts through the use of coercive tools that are at the Council's disposal作为安理会,我们应该避免采用安理会可采用的强制性手段,先发制人,决定调解结果的诱惑
But one should not yield to the temptation to restrict all defence and security-related considerations to this necessary fight against terrorism但不应当将所有与防御和安全有关的考虑局限于这种必须与恐怖主义作斗争的诱惑
Those two historic events have not only shaped the political landscape of the country, they have also diminished the temptation and scepticism that had surfaced to undermine the will of the Afghan nation to establish a free and democratic society这两个历史性事件不仅有助于形成该国的政治局面,而且削弱了一些人表现出来的损害阿富汗民族建立自由和民主社会的野心和怀疑主义。
To do so, we must rise above the temptation to settle scores through armed conflict; place the will and genius of our peoples at the helm of national reconstruction; and give prominence to the credo written in stone on the wall which adorns the courtyard adjacent to the General Assembly, to turn our swords into ploughshares为此,我们必须摆脱通过武装冲突清算宿怨的念头,将我们人民的意愿和才能用于国家重建方面,高扬镌刻于大会邻近广场石墙上的“化劍为犁”的信条。
Weaknesses of, and lacunae in, international law may naturally invite temptations to excessive judicial activism by actually developing international law国际法的弱点和缺陷自然会引起由实际发展国际法而产生的过度司法能动性倾向。
In my speech at the tenth annual International Judicial Conference, held in Strasbourg, France, in May ‧ under the sponsorship of the Center for Democracy, the Council of Europe and the Furth Family Foundation, I asserted that we must resist the temptation to attribute to terrorism some kind of mythic magnitude that makes it larger than life在 ‧ 年 ‧ 月于法国斯特拉斯堡举行的由民主中心、欧洲委员会和弗思家庭基金会主办的第十届年度国际司法大会上,我曾发言指出,我们必须抵制诱惑,不要赋予恐怖主义某种神奇色彩,把它的威力夸大到超出其真实情况的程度。
If we do not achieve concrete results, we run the risk of seeing those persons who cannot hope to find any other means of subsistence fall once again prey to the temptation of cultivating coca如果我们无法取得具体成果,我们就有可能看到那些无望找到其它生存方式的人再次受到种植古柯的诱惑而无法自拔。
We must resist the temptation to bury our heads in the sand in an attempt to deny reality我们必须抵制回避现实的倾向。
The Council must overcome the natural temptation to choose the line of least resistance安理会必须克服避重就轻的自然诱惑
As far as he knew, fortunately no State had expressed the intention to yield to that temptation or to return persons to countries where they would be threatened with torture据他所知,所幸没有任何国家表示愿意陷入这种诱惑或将有关人员转送到他们会受到酷刑威胁的国家。
They should avoid the temptation to take a strong moral stance without regard to the practical and legal consequences, even if those consequences would in fact undermine the moral stance taken它们应该挡住诱惑,不要采取强硬的道德立场而不顾实际和法律后果,甚至不顾那些事实上将破坏已采取的立场的后果。
The work of our Committee is unfolding at a time when international peace and security are of the deepest concern, particularly since the temptation of unilateralism remains strong, even though there is every indication that the only way to resolve conflict is through multilateral agreement我们委员会的工作是在国际和平与安全受到最深切关注的时候展开的,特别是因为虽然即使每一个迹象都表明解决冲突的唯一途径是通过多边协商来进行,但单边主义的诱惑仍然很强。
The notion of the “responsibility to protect” is welcome, but its parameters should be well defined to avoid the temptation to interfere in the internal affairs of States“保护责任”的概念是受欢迎的,但是应当明确制定其参照标准,以避免干涉各国内政的诱惑
We must not give in to the temptation to set effectiveness in combating terrorism at odds with the guaranteed respect for and promotion of human rights我们应抵制住把有效打击恐怖主义与保证尊重和促进人权对立起来的诱惑
Even if one were to consider it from a strictly utilitarian perspective, it is not useful for the Organization to invest so much in peacekeeping and in disarming and demobilizing combatants if we do not do enough to remove the temptation of power and the stimulation conferred by the possession of weapons and to avert vicious behaviour towards other human beings即便从纯粹的实用角度来考虑,如果我们不进行充分努力以消除拥有武器所带来的权力诱惑力和刺激,并且避免针对其他人的邪恶行为,联合国组织为维持和平和解除战斗人员的武装并使其复员作如此大的投资是毫无助益的。
There may be a temptation for a monitoring mechanism to interpret a statement which, if it were a reservation, would be invalid as incompatible as merely as a declaration, on the grounds that the State, in consenting to be bound by a human rights treaty, would not intend to negate that consent by an invalid reservation. Certain States appear to take such an approach; see ‧ ub ‧ eserving States are likely to object to this approachhere may be a temptation for a monitoring mechanism to interpret a statement which, if it were a reservation, would be invalid as incompatible as merely as a declaration, on the grounds that the State, in consenting to be bound by a human rights treaty, would not intend to negate that consent by an invalid reservation. Certain States appear to take such an approach; see ‧ ub ‧ eserving States are likely to object to this approach
The temptation to impose external models without the required sensitivity to cultural and other factors is sometimes strong on the part of many有时许多人往往过分倾向于强加外部模式,而不对文化和其他因素做适当的考虑。
He suggested that, in the context of regional and/or global economic integration efforts, governments should avoid the temptation of economic patriotism and rather adopt policies aimed at enhancing global competitiveness他表示,在区域和/或全球经济一体化的背景下,政府应当避免经济爱国主义的诱惑,采纳旨在提高全球竞争力的政策。
We must resist this temptation by working vigorously to heal real and perceived differences我们必须抵制这种诱惑,大力纠正真实的和感觉到的分歧。
Courage to resist the temptation to reach for traditional means of defence in the face of new and emerging threats to global and human security这一勇气就是敢于在全球和人类安全面临新的和正在形成中的威胁之时抵制采用传统防备方式的诱惑
Lastly, the frequent gap between discourse and practice, rights and concrete situations, beautiful abstract pronouncements and sordid living conditions, words in the wind and words followed by action, which is a feature of the human condition and a testimony of human failing, should nevertheless be seen as a constant danger, and temptation, to be overcome if any pronouncement on values is to have credibility最后,讨论和实践之间、权利和具体的情况之间、美好的抽象宣言和可怜的生活条件之间、空话和接着有实际行动的话语之间经常出现的差距是人类的状况的一个特征,显现出了人类的弱点,但我们应把它们视为经常存在的危险,需要克服的引诱,惟有如此关于价值观所说的任何话才是可信的。
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