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Plural form of wart.

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疙; 疣; 赘疣; 肉瘤; 贅疣; 瘊; 瘊子; 疣贅; 疣赘

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en Young people remain at high risk of STIs with those aged less than ‧ years having the highest rates of chlamydia, gonorrhoea, genital herpes and genital warts diagnosed at sexual health clinics
zh 不到 ‧ 岁的年轻人仍处于性传染的高风险中,他们在性健康诊所诊断出的衣原体、淋病、生殖器疱疹和尖锐湿的感染率最高。
en One of the consequences of massively promoting the gacaca and all the sensitization that goes with the campaigns for justice and against the sexual abuse of children and women, and the very large presence of the detention system, warts and all, may be to inculcate in the national consciousness the notion that killing or otherwise physically harming people is not supposed to go unpunished
zh 大规模推行加卡卡法,提高人们对伸张正义、打击对妇女和儿童所犯性虐待的认识,以及毫不遮掩地大量设置关押场所,其结果之一,就是在国民的意识中灌输如下观念,即杀人或造成人身伤害不会不受惩罚。
en The other common types of STIs in Saint Lucia are Chlamydia, Scabies, Public Lice, Genital Warts, Herpes and Gonorrhea
zh 圣卢西亚其他常见的性传播感染类型有衣原体、虱子、疥疮、生殖器、疱疹和淋病。
en The Ceasefire Joint Military Commission, area joint military committees and joint monitoring teams closely monitored a number of hotspots in the ‧ anuary ‧ border area and peacefully defused situations involving troop concentration and armed confrontation in Rumaker/Warteing in Bahr Al Ghazal State, Muglad and Debab in Abyei, Bentiu in Unity State and in Upper Nile State
zh 停火联合军事委员会、地方联合军事委员会和联合监督小组密切监督 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日边界地区的若干热点,并在加扎勒河州Rumaker/Warteing、阿卜耶伊的穆格莱德和代巴、联合州的本秋以及上尼罗州和平化解了因部队集结和武装对抗而引起的局势。
en In November ‧ the Department of Health launched a new sexual health campaign, Condom Essential Wear, to tackle the five major acute sexually transmitted infections (STIs)- chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhoea, genital warts and herpes as well as HIV
zh 年 ‧ 月,卫生部发起了一项新的运动,即“带避孕套至关重要”运动,用以对付五种主要急性性传播疾病--衣原体、梅毒、淋病、生殖器和疱疹以及艾滋病毒。
en She hasn' t got any warts at all now
zh ? 现 在 她? 脸 上 的 都不? 见 了
en The most common sexually transmitted infections in Slovenia are chlamydial infections, gonorrhoea, non-specific urethritis, genital herpes and genital warts; syphilis cases occur as well
zh 斯洛文尼亚最常见的性传播疾病是衣原体感染、淋病、非特异性尿道炎、生殖器疱疹和生殖器;也有梅毒病例。
en In ‧ the incidence of two sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), gonorrhoea and genital warts ( ‧ per ‧ and ‧ per ‧ respectively), dropped dramatically as compared with
zh 年淋病和尖锐湿两种性传播疾病的患病率(分别为 ‧ 万和 ‧ 万)较 ‧ 年(分别为 ‧ 万和 ‧ 万)有较大幅度下降。
en The number of viral infections (genital herpes and warts) has decreased
zh 滤过性毒菌(生殖器疱疹和尖锐湿)的感染人数已有所下降。
en The little ones are licking each other again, and Harry' s got a seeping wart on his extra toe
zh 小的 那 几? 个 又 在 互相 舔? 来 舔去 Harry 在 他 多 出 的? 脚 趾 上? 长 了 一? 个 不?? 渗 水 的
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