pronunciation: IPA: /ˈaʊ.roː/

Translations into English:

  • gild   
    (Verb  ) (verb   )
    To cover with a thin layer of gold
  • overlay with gold   

Other meanings:

(transitive) I overlay with gold, gild.

Similar phrases in dictionary Latin English. (2)

Sapientia melior auro
wisdom is better than gold

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Example sentences with "auro", translation memory

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la inque eam praedam etiam dii cessere, spoliatis in urbe templis egestoque auro, quod triumphis, quod votis omnis populi Romani aetas prospere aut in metu sacraverat.
en Even the gods fell victims to the plunder; for the temples in Rome were despoiled and the gold carried off, which, for a triumph or a vow, the Roman people in every age had consecrated in their prosperity or their alarm.
la Quid enim, si infirmiora horum temporum templa credas, quia non rudi caemento et informibus tegulis exstruuntur, sed marmore nitent et auro radiantur?
en What if you were to assume that the temples of the present day are weaker, because, instead of being built of rough blocks and ill-shaped tiles, they shine with marble and glitter with gold?
la Eodem anno Caesar effigiem Cn. Domitio patri et consularia insignia Asconio Labeoni, quo tutore usus erat, petivit a senatu; sibique statuas argento vel auro solidas adversus offerentes prohibuit.
en The emperor in the same year asked the Senate for a statue to his father Domitius, and also that the consular decorations might be conferred on Asconius Labeo, who had been his guardian.
la naves auro et ebore distinctae; remigesqe exoleti per aetates et scientiam libidinum componebantur.
en These vessels glittered with gold and ivory; the crews were arranged according to age and experience in vice.
la dum pecuniam vel gravia auro templorum dona sibi quisque trahunt, maiore aliorum vi truncabantur.
en Men, as they carried off for themselves coin or temple-offerings of massive gold, were cut down by others of superior strength.
la Pro ??? atus die multa in luxum civitatis dicta a Q. Haterio consulari, Octavio Frontone praetura functo; decretumque ne vasa auro solida ministrandis cibis fierent, ne vestis serica viros foedaret.
en On the next day of the Senate's meeting much was said against the luxury of the country by Quintus Haterius, an ex-consul, and by Octavius Fronto, an ex-praetor.
la cum censeretur clipeus auro et magnitudine insignis inter auctores eloquentiae, adseveravit Tiberius solitum paremque ceteris dicaturum: neque enim eloquentiam fortuna discerni et satis inlustre si veteres inter scriptores haberetur.
en When a golden shield of remarkable size was voted him as a leader among orators, Tiberius declared that he would dedicate to him one of the usual kind, similar to the rest, for in eloquence, he said, there was no distinction of rank, and it was a sufficient glory for him to be classed among ancient writers.
la Lucullus multa pocula ex auro habebat.
en Lucullo had many golden cups.
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