Translations into English:

  • bird     
    (noun   )

Other meanings:

nominative plural of avis
accusative plural of avis
vocative plural of avis

Did you mean: Aves

Similar phrases in dictionary Latin English. (3)

birds; bird

Example sentences with "aves", translation memory

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la Aves saepe coniunctae volant.
en Birds often fly together.
la Aves alas habent.
en Birds have wings.
la Aves canunt.
en Birds sing.
la Aves in caelo volant.
en Birds fly in the sky.
la Aves volant sub nubibus.
en The birds fly below the clouds.
la Aves volant.
en The birds fly.
la Aves in caelo cantabant.
en Birds were singing in the sky.
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