Translations into English:

  • faction     
    (noun   )
  • association     
    (noun   )
  • class             
    (verb, noun, adjv   )
  • company           
    (noun   )
  • doing       
    (noun, adjv   )
  • making       
    (noun   )
  • mutiny   
    (verb, noun   )
  • oligarchy   
    (noun   )
  • order       
    (verb, noun   )
  • partisanship   
    (noun   )
  • party       
    (verb, noun   )
  • preparing   
    (noun, adjv   )
  • revolt       
    (verb, noun   )
  • sect     
    (noun   )
  • taking sides   
  • usurping faction   

Other meanings:

a political faction, a group of people acting together
a company of charioteers

Similar phrases in dictionary Latin English. (20)

Factio Christiana Democratica Germaniae
Christian Democratic Union
Factio Christiana Socialis
Christian Social Party
Factio Communistica Unionis Sovieticae
Communist Party of the Soviet Union
factio democratica
democratic party
Factio Democratica
Democratic Party
Factio Evangelica Helvetica
Evangelical People’s Party of Switzerland
Factio Independentiae Portus Divitis
Puerto Rican Independence Party
Factio Laboris
Swiss Party of Labour
Factio Liberalis Democratica
Free Democratic Party of Switzerland
Factio Liberalis Helvetica
Liberal Party of Switzerland
factio politica
political party
Factio Popularis Christiana Democratica
Christian Democratic People’s Party of Switzerland
Factio Popularis Helvetica
Swiss People’s Party
Factio Restititutionis Communisticae
Communist Refoundation Party
Factio Socialistica Helvetica
Social Democratic Party of Switzerland
Factio Viridis Helvetiae
Green Party of Switzerland
Factio Viridis Liberalis
Green Liberal Party of Switzerland
Socialis Democratica Factio Austriae
Social Democratic Party of Austria
Socialis Democratica Factio Germaniae
Social Democratic Party of Germany

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