pronunciation: IPA: /laˈtʃes.sit/ /laˈkes.sit/

Translations into English:

third-person singular present active indicative of lacessō

Similar phrases in dictionary Latin English. (1)

nemo me impune lacessit
no one provokes me with impunity

Example sentences with "lacessit", translation memory

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la Sed isdem de causis Caesar, quae supra sunt demonstratae, proelio non lacessit et eo die tabernacula statui passus non est, quo paratiores essent ad insequendum omnes, sive noctu sive interdiu erumperent.
en But for the reasons already given, Caesar did not attack them, nor suffer a tent to be pitched that day, that his men might be the readier to pursue them whether they attempted to run off by night or by day.
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