pronunciation: IPA: /ˈleː.ɡoː/ ˈleː.ɡoː ˈle.ɡoː

Translations into English:

  • choose     
    (Verb  ) (verb, ijec   )
    to decide to act in a certain way
    to pick
    to elect
    to pick
  • read               
    (Verb  ) (verb, noun, adjv   ) [figuratively]
    have the ability to read text or other information
    look at and interpret letters or other information
  • select   
    (verb, adjv   )
    to choose one or more elements from a set
  • collect         
    (Verb  ) (verb, noun   )
    to gather together
  • leave           
    (Verb  ) (verb, noun   )
    To transfer possession after death
    To transfer possession after death
  • appoint   
    (verb   )
  • appoint as deputy   
  • bequeath   
    (verb   )
  • bring together   
    (verb   )
  • carry off   
    (verb   )
  • choose as a deputy   
  • coast along   
  • commission       
    (verb, noun   )
  • commission as lieutenant   
  • depute   
    (verb   )
  • despatch   
    (verb   )
  • elect       
    (verb, noun, adjv   )
  • entrust   
    (verb   )
  • gather     
    (verb, noun   )
  • go over   
    (verb   )
  • leave by will   
  • pass     
    (verb, noun   )
  • peruse   
    (verb   )
  • pick out   
    (verb   )
  • sail by   
  • scan         
    (verb, noun   )
  • send as ambassador   
  • send as an envoy   
  • send with a commission   
  • single out   
    (verb   )
  • skirt         
    (verb, noun, adjv   )
  • steal   
    (verb, noun   )
  • take           
    (verb, noun, ijec   )
  • to gather   
  • traverse   
    (verb, noun, adjv   )
  • wander through   
  • will       
    (verb, noun   )

Other meanings:

I choose, select, appoint.
I collect, gather, bring together.
I take, steal.
I traverse, pass through.
I read (aloud), recite.
I despatch, send as ambassador.
I deputize.

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Example sentences with "lego", translation memory

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Librum de animalibus lego.I am reading a book about animals.
Ego lego; tu scribis.I read; you write.
Hunc librum lego.I'm reading this book.
Librum de linguis lego.I'm reading a book about languages.
Librum lego.I read the book.
Hanc epistolam lego.I am reading this letter.
Commentarium periodicum lego.I am reading a magazine.
Libros lego.I read books.
Anglice lego, sed non loquor.I can read English, but I can't speak it.
Libenter lego.I like to read.
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