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  • my     
    (pron, adjv, detr   )

Other meanings:

(possessive) my, mine

Similar phrases in dictionary Latin English. (9)

cathedra mea, regulae meae
"My chair, my rules"
Deus Lux Mea Est
God is my Light
Dominus Illuminatio Mea
the Lord is my light
ex mea sententia
in my opinion
mea culpa
; through my fault
mea navis aëricumbens anguillis abundat
My hovercraft is full of eels
mors tua, vita mea
your death, my life
veritas lux mea
Truth is my light.

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Example sentences with "mea", translation memory

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la Mater mea telehorasim libenter non aspicit.
en My mother doesn't like to watch TV.
la Feles mea humida est.
en My cat is wet.
la Amica mea es.
en You are my friend.
la Soror mea pulchra est.
en My sister is pretty.
la Mater mea bene coquit.
en My mother cooks well.
la Avia mea videre non potest.
en My grandmother cannot see.
la ad ea Civilis primo callide: post ubi videt Montanum praeferocem ingenio paratumque in res novas, orsus a questu periculisque quae per quinque et viginti annos in castris Romanis exhausisset, 'egregium' inquit 'pretium laborum recepi, necem fratris et vincula mea et saevissimas huius exercitus voces, quibus ad supplicium petitus iure gentium poenas reposco.
en "Civilis at first replied in artful language, but soon perceiving that Montanus was a man of singularly high spirit and was himself disposed for change, he began with lamenting the perils through which he had struggled for five-and-twenty years in the camps of Rome. ""It is,"" he said, ""a noble reward that I have received for my toils; my brother murdered, myself imprisoned, and the savage clamour of this army, a clamour which demanded my execution, and for which by the law of nations I demand vengeance."
la 'nam si legatus officii terminos, obsequium erga imperatorem exuit eiusdemque morte et luctu meo laetatus est, odero seponamque a domo mea et privatas inimicitias non vi principis ulciscar: sin facinus in cuiuscumque mortalium nece vindicandum detegitur, vos vero et liberos Germanici et nos parentes iustis solaciis adficite.
en Certainly if a subordinate oversteps the bounds of duty and of obedience to his commander, and has exulted in his death and in my affliction, I shall hate him and exclude him from my house, and I shall avenge a personal quarrel without resorting to my power as emperor. If however a crime is discovered which ought to be punished, whoever the murdered man may be, it is for you to give just reparation both to the children of Germanicus and to us, his parents.
la "Cuius sella est?" "Sella mea est."
en "Whose chair is this?" "It is mine."
la Ea birota mea est.
en This bicycle is mine.
la Ubi ocularia mea sunt?
en Where are my glasses?
la Mors tua vita mea.
en Your death is my life.
la Ecce inscriptio electronica mea.
en Here's my email address.
la Raeda mea fracta est.
en My car is broken.
la Soror mea in culina coquit.
en My sister is cooking in the kitchen.
la Domus illa mea est.
en That house is mine.
la Mater mea birota vehi non potest.
en My mother can't ride a bicycle.
la Mea culpa.
en My mistake.
la Domus mea tua est.
en My home is yours.
la Non soror, sed uxor mea est.
en She is not my sister, she's my wife.
la Hodie pluit. Ubi umbella mea est?
en It's raining today. Where is my umbrella?
la Coactus assiduis tuis vocibus, Balbe, cum cotidiana mea recusatio non difficultatis excusationem, sed inertiae videretur deprecationem habere, rem difficillimam suscepi.
en Prevailed on by your continued solicitations, Balbus, I have engaged in a most difficult task, as my daily refusals appear to plead not my inability, but indolence, as an excuse.
la Mater mea foris est.
en My mother is out.
la Puella quae stolam albam gerit est soror mea.
en The girl wearing a white dress is my sister.
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