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  • my     
    (pron, adjv, detr   )

Other meanings:

(possessive) my, mine

Similar phrases in dictionary Latin English. (10)

cathedra mea, regulae meae
"My chair, my rules"
Deus Lux Mea Est
God is my Light
Dominus Illuminatio Mea
the Lord is my light
ex mea sententia
in my opinion
manu mea factus
holograph; with one's own hand
mea culpa
; through my fault
mea navis aëricumbens anguillis abundat
My hovercraft is full of eels
mors tua, vita mea
your death, my life
veritas lux mea
Truth is my light.

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Example sentences with "mea", translation memory

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la quin, si qua in parte lubricum adulescentiae nostrae declinat, revocas ornatumque robur subsidio impensius regis? non tua moderatio si reddideris pecuniam, nec quies, si reliqueris principem, sed mea avaritia, meae crudelitatis metus in ore omnium versabitur.
en Why not rather, if the frailty of my youth goes in any respect astray, call me back and guide yet more zealously with your help the manhood which you have instructed? It will not be your moderation, if you restore me your wealth, not your love of quiet, if you forsake your emperor, but my avarice, the fear of my cruelty, which will be in all men's mouths.
la Mater mea bene coquit.
en My mother cooks well.
la Mea culpa.
en My fault.
la Ubi horologia mea sunt?
en Where are my clocks?
la Soror mea pulchra est.
en My sister is pretty.
la Ea raeda mea est.
en This car is mine.
la Penna mea nova est.
en My pen is new.
la Non soror, sed uxor mea est.
en She is not my sister, she's my wife.
la Soror mea infantes amat.
en My sister is very fond of children.
la Mater mea liba facit.
en My mother makes cakes.
la Feles mea est.
en It is my cat.
la Amica mea es.
en You are my friend.
la Mater mea foris est.
en My mother is out.
la Ludum cum sorore mea ludo.
en I am playing a game with my sister.
la Mater mea est meum ornamentum.
en My mother is my jewel.
la Domus mea est domus tua.
en My home is your home.
la ad ea Civilis primo callide: post ubi videt Montanum praeferocem ingenio paratumque in res novas, orsus a questu periculisque quae per quinque et viginti annos in castris Romanis exhausisset, 'egregium' inquit 'pretium laborum recepi, necem fratris et vincula mea et saevissimas huius exercitus voces, quibus ad supplicium petitus iure gentium poenas reposco.
en "Civilis at first replied in artful language, but soon perceiving that Montanus was a man of singularly high spirit and was himself disposed for change, he began with lamenting the perils through which he had struggled for five-and-twenty years in the camps of Rome. ""It is,"" he said, ""a noble reward that I have received for my toils; my brother murdered, myself imprisoned, and the savage clamour of this army, a clamour which demanded my execution, and for which by the law of nations I demand vengeance."
la Natalis mea mense Novembri est.
en My birthday is in November.
la Filia mea est.
en This is my daughter.
la Domus mea magna est.
en My house is big.
la Haec domus mea est.
en This house is mine.
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