Translations into English:

  • lie     
    (Noun  ) (verb, noun   ) []
    A false statement made with the intention to deceive.
    intentionally false statement
  • untruth   
    (noun   )
    A false statement made with the intention to deceive.
  • prevarication   
    (noun   )
    A false statement made with the intention to deceive.
  • a lie   
  • counterfeit   
    (verb, noun, adjv   )
  • falsehood   
    (noun   )
  • fiction       
    (noun   )
  • fraud   
    (noun, adjv   )
  • lying     
    (noun, adjv   )

Other meanings:

A lie, untruth, falsehood, fiction.
An illusion, counterfeit.

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Example sentences with "mendacium", translation memory

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la sed Vitellius consulis supplicium poscenti populo restitit, placatus ac velut vicem reddens, quod interrogantibus quis Capitolium incendisset, se reum Atticus obtulerat eaque confessione, sive aptum tempori mendacium fuit, invidiam crimenque agnovisse et a partibus Vitellii amolitus videbatur.
en Vitellius resisted the demands of the people for the execution of the Consul; he was now pacified, and wished, it would seem, to recompense Atticus, who, when asked who had set fire to the Capitol, had confessed his own guilt, and by this confession, which may indeed have been an opportune falsehood, was thought to have taken upon himself the odium of the crime, and to have acquitted the Vitellianist party.
la Non ultra paucos dies quamquam acribus initiis coeptum mendacium valuit.
en A deception, which was started with considerable vigour, lasted for a few, and but a few days.
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