Translations into English:

  • fart       
    (Verb  ) (verb, noun   )
    to emit flatulent gases
  • break wind   

Other meanings:

I furnish with feet, foot; prop up trees or vines.
(intransitive) I break wind, fart.

Similar phrases in dictionary Latin English. (1)

fart; blow ass; blow raspberries; crackle to life

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Example sentences with "pedo", translation memory

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la et ne bellum mole una ingrueret Caecinam cum quadraginta cohortibus Romanis distrahendo hosti per Bructeros ad flumen Amisiam mittit, equitem Pedo praefectus finibus Frisiorum ducit.
en This increased Caesar's alarm. That the war might not burst in all its fury on one point, he sent Caecina through the Bructeri to the river Amisia with forty Roman cohorts to distract the enemy, while the cavalry was led by its commander Pedo by the territories of the Frisii.
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