Translations into English:

  • OK   
    (advb   )
    acknowledgement or acceptance
  • it pleases   
    expression of assent.
  • pleased to meet you   
    polite formula used when the speaker is introduced to somebody
  • gives pleasure   
  • is believed|settled|agreed|decided   
  • it is pleasing|satisfying   

Other meanings:

third-person singular present active indicative of placeō : "he pleases"

Similar phrases in dictionary Latin English. (1)

mihi placet
pleased to meet you

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Example sentences with "placet", translation memory

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la Quid genus musicae tibi placet?
en What genres of music are you into?
la Schola sua ei placet.
en He likes his school a lot.
la Hoc mihi valde placet.
en I like it very much.
la Pluvia nobis non placet.
en We don't like rain.
la Pediludium ei non placet.
en She doesn't like soccer.
la Mathematica non valde mihi placet.
en I do not like mathematics very much.
la Quae pellicula magis tibi placet?
en What's your favorite movie?
la Hic color mihi placet.
en I like this colour.
la Omnibus placet.
en Everybody likes him.
la Socolata mihi placet.
en I like chocolate.
la Potio Sinensis matri placet.
en My mother likes tea very much.
la Porculus Didymo non placet.
en Tom doesn't like pork.
la Potio Arabica mihi non placet.
en I don't like coffee.
la Potio Arabica ei non placet.
en He doesn't like coffee.
la Sucus puellae non placet.
en The girl doesn't like juice.
la Caseus Didymo placet.
en Tom likes cheese.
la Oceanus mihi non placet.
en I don't like the ocean.
la Socolata Lindae placet.
en Linda loves chocolate.
la Hoc mihi non placet.
en I don't like that.
la Ars musica valde Annae placet.
en Ann likes music very much.
la Illud mihi placet.
en I like that.
la Cerevisia mihi placet.
en I like beer.
la Cantor ei placet.
en She likes the singer.
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