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  • how many       
    (Adverb  ) (pron, adjv   )
    what number
    what number
  • as       
    (advb, prep, adjv, conj   )
  • as many   
  • as many as   
  • how many?   
  • how much       
    (pron, adjv   )
  • of what number   

Other meanings:

how many

Similar phrases in dictionary Latin English. (6)

quot annos habes
how old are you
quot annos nata es
how old are you
quot capita tot sensus
as many heads, so many opinions
quot homines tot sententiae
how many people, so many opinions
every year; year by year; annually; yearly
how many soever; as many as

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Example sentences with "quot", translation memory

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la Quot linguae in Europa sunt?
en How many languages are there in Europe?
la Quot fratres habes?
en How many brothers do you have?
la Quot plantas emistis?
en How many plants did you buy?
la Quot mala?
en How many apples?
la et cladis eius superstites, pugnam aut vincula elapsi, referebant hic cecidisse legatos, illic raptas aquilas; primum ubi vulnus Varo adactum, ubi infelici dextera et suo ictu mortem invenerit; quo tribunali contionatus Arminius, quot patibula captivis, quae scrobes, utque signis et aquilis per superbiam inluserit.
en Some survivors of the disaster who had escaped from the battle or from captivity, described how this was the spot where the officers fell, how yonder the eagles were captured, where Varus was pierced by his first wound, where too by the stroke of his own ill-starred hand he found for himself death.
la Navibus circiter LXXX onerariis coactis contractisque, quot satis esse ad duas transportandas legiones existimabat, quod praeterea navium longarum habebat quaestori, legatis praefectisque distribuit.
en Having collected together, and provided about eighty transport ships, as many as he thought necessary for conveying over two legions, he assigned such [ships] of war as he had besides to the quaestor, his lieutenants, and officers of cavalry.
la In castris Helvetiorum tabulae repertae sunt litteris Graecis confectae et ad Caesarem relatae, quibus in tabulis nominatim ratio confecta erat, qui numerus domo exisset eorum qui arma ferre possent, et item separatim, quot pueri, senes mulieresque.
en In the camp of the Helvetii, lists were found, drawn up in Greek characters, and were brought to Caesar, in which an estimate had been drawn up, name by name, of the number which had gone forth from their country of those who were able to bear arms; and likewise the boys, the old men, and the women, separately.
la Quot animalia omnium generum in arca Moysi erant?
en How many animals of each species were there on Moses' ark?
la Quot acetabula habemus?
en How many bowls do we have?
la Quot liberos habes?
en How many kids do you have?
la opes publicae continebantur, quantum civium sociorumque in armis, quot classes, regna, provinciae, tributa aut vectigalia, et necessitates ac largitiones.
en They raised their hands to the gods, to the statue of Augustus, and to the knees of Tiberius, when he ordered a document to be produced and read.
la Quot annos filius tuus natus est?
en How old is your son?
la Quot annos habes?
en How old are you?
la "Quot annos natus es?" "Sedecim annos natus sum."
en "How old are you?" "I'm sixteen."
la Indignantes milites Gaesar, quod conspectum suum hostes perferre possent tantulo spatio interiecto, et signum proeli ecentes edocet, quanto detrimento et quot virorum tortium morte necesse sit constare victoriam; quos cum sic animo paratos videat, ut nullum pro sua laude periculum recusent, summae se iniquitatis condemnari debere, nisi eorum vitam sua salute habeat cariorem. Sic milites consolatus eodem die reducit in castra reliquaque quae ad oppugnationem pertinebant oppidi administrare instituit.
en "Caesar clearly points out to his soldiers, who were indignant that the enemy could bear the sight of them at the distance of so short a space, and were earnestly demanding the signal for action, ""with how great loss and the death of how many gallant men the victory would necessarily be purchased: and when he saw them so determined to decline no danger for his renown, that he ought to be considered guilty of the utmost injustice if he did not hold their life dearer than his personal safety."" Having thus consoled his soldiers, he leads them back on the same day to the camp, and determined to prepare the other things which were necessary for the siege of the town."
la Quot milites vidisti?
en How many soldiers did you see?
la quot proeliis adversus Cimbros Teutonosque, quantis exercituum nostrorum laboribus quove eventu Germanica bella tractaverimus, satis clarum.
en How many battles we have fought against the Cimbri and Teutones, at the cost of what hardships to our armies, and with what result we have waged our German wars, is perfectly well known.
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