Translations into English:

  • for example   
    (Adverb, Adverbial  ) (misc   )
    as an example
    as an example
    as an example
  • for instance   
    (Adverb  )
    as an example
  • as       
    (advb, prep, adjv, conj   )
  • as if   
    (advb   )
  • as it were   
    (advb   )
  • as much as   
  • as though   
  • in a way   
  • just as   
    (advb   )
  • just as if   
  • so as   
    (conj   )
  • so to speak   

Other meanings:

as, just as
as it were, so to speak
as much as
such as
for instance

Similar phrases in dictionary Latin English. (1)

tanquam ex ungue leonem
we know the lion by his claw

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Example sentences with "tanquam", translation memory

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la Diversitas supplicii illuc respicit, tanquam scelera ostendi oporteat, dum puniuntur, flagitia abscondi.
en This distinction in punishment means that crime, they think, ought, in being punished, to be exposed, while infamy ought to be buried out of sight.
la Sed et olim Auriniam et complures alias venerati sunt non adulatione, nec tanquam facerent deas.
en In former times, too, they venerated Aurinia, and many other women, but not with servile flatteries, or with sham deification.
la Sic unum accipiunt maritum, quo modo unum corpus unamque vitam, ne ulla cogitatio ultra, ne longior cupiditas, ne tanquam maritum, sed tanquam matrimonium ament.
en Still better is the condition of those states in which only maidens are given in marriage, and where the hopes and expectations of a bride are then finally terminated.
la Treveri et Nervii circa affectationem Germanicae originis ultro ambitiosi sunt, tanquam per hanc gloriam sanguinis a similitudine et inertia Gallorum separentur.
en The Treveri and Nervii are even eager in their claims of a German origin, thinking that the glory of this descent distinguishes them from the uniform level of Gallic effeminacy.
la Quidam sanctiorem arctioremque hunc nexum sanguinis arbitrantur, et in accipiendis obsidibus magis exigunt; tanquam et in animum firmius, et domum latius teneant.
en Sister's sons are held in as much esteem by their uncles as by their fathers; indeed, some regard the relation as even more sacred and binding, and prefer it in receiving hostages, thinking thus to secure a stronger hold on the affections and a wider bond for the family.
la Sed et de reconciliandis invicem inimicis et jungendis affinitatibus et asciscendis principibus, de pace denique ac bello plerumque in conviviis consultant: tanquam nullo magis tempore aut ad simplices cogitationes pateat animus, aut ad magnas incalescat.
en Yet it is at their feasts that they generally consult on the reconciliation of enemies, on the forming of matrimonial alliances, on the choice of chiefs, finally even on peace and war, for they think that at no time is the mind more open to simplicity of purpose or more warmed to noble aspirations.
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