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A system of communication, including speech, signing, and writing, intended for use by and with people who have language or learning difficulties.

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Now he is sticking to the dark, evil, industrial sounds of the Birmingham producers, such as Surgeon, Grovskopa, Luka Baumann, Makaton, Paul Damage etc.
Possibilities of using method of Makaton in working with children with cerebral palsy
Makaton as a method of supporting communication among people with the Down syndrome
Makaton as an alternative form of communication with people with moderate and severe mental retardation
LWAH has project partnerships and collaborative relationships with UNICEF, WHO, ESCWA, UNESCO, YMCA, KERPAPE- France, the World Rehabilitation Fund, Norwegian People's Aid, the American Lebanese Association, the American Task Force for Lebanon, Entente Sportive Handi-Paris, the Japan International Cooperation Agency, Saint Joseph University- Beirut, Balamand University- Beirut, and Kuwait Society for the Handicapped- MAKATON Center
They were greatly influenced by Techno tracks by Surgeon, Regis, Female and Makaton from Birmingham, UK. Up until now they have played many tracks by those musicians.
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