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Plural form of saprotroph.

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These results suggest that non-mycorrhizal saprotrophic fungi should be evaluated for their potential participation in forest nutrient cycling via biologically weathering parent material and translocating the mobilized mineral nutrients vertically within soils.
Most isolates of saprotrophic species were viable, even after the most extended periods of storage.
This study combines isotopic, molecular, and morphological techniques to determine the mode of nutrition of C. cinnabarinum. δ13C and δ15N measurements were compared among co-occurring C. cinnabarinum, ectomycorrhizal fungi, saprotrophic fungi, and ectomycorrhizal plants.
In general, however, mycorrhizal fungus species demonstrated lower viability than saprotrophic fungi.
Key words: basidiomycetes, saprotrophic fungi, mycorrhizal fungi, fungi–vegetation relationships, Mantel test, ordination.
Thirty-seven isolates of saprotrophic fungi represented 32 species of 22 genera; 98 isolates of mycorrhizal fungi represented 51 species of 16 genera.
Key words: irrigation, mycorrhizal fungi, nitrogen, saprotrophic fungi, basidioma production, nitrogen-free fertilization (vitalization).
These results are consistent with the predictions that mycorrhizal fungi are mainly influenced by plant species present in the root zone, whereas saprotrophic fungi are mainly influenced by the plant species of the bottom layer.
The macrofungal Basidiomycete community of a Pinus sylvestris forest was investigated in 50 plots, 2 × 2 m, to see how vegetation composition and space influenced the distribution of saprotrophic and ectomycorrhizal fungi.
This study addressed competition of Scleroconidioma sphagnicola Tsuneda, Currah & Thormann with saprotrophic ascomycetes and basidiomycetes.
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